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Published: 09/05/2018

Calibrating the Rcom 20 Max

This is a short guide to explain how to recalibrate the readings on the Rcom 20 Max incubator.

WARNING - Recalibration should only be attempted after consultation with The Incubator Shop. If you attempt to recalibrate the incubator without fully understanding how calibration works, you may be at risk of making the incubator less accurate. You have been warned!

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A common question we receive from our reptile breeding customers is 'which reptile incubator will suit me best?' It's a tough question, not least because of the huge variety of different reptile species and eggs there are. Reptile incubator designers have to consider a large number of options and settings to ensure the machines are adaptable to individual needs.

Without further ado, here's a breakdown of the main differences between the major Rcom Reptile incubator models.


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The Rcom Pet Brooder ICU and the TLC Advance series of brooders are both perfectly suited to veterinary practices, as well as animal rescue and wildlife centers. They both have excellent feedback and an array of useful features. So choosing between them can be tough.

Hopefully, our simple comparison chart will help you make the decision as to which brooder ICU will suit you best.



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How to replace the TH Sensor on an Rcom King Suro

This short blog post is a step-by-step guide explaining how to replace the THv4 Sensor in the Rcom King Suro 20 Max egg incubator. The Thv4 sensor is the incubator's temperature and humidity sensor, the part that detects the tiniest of environmental changes inside the unit and relays that information to the control board.

If you see an ERR01 error code on the Rcom King Suro, it means that the sensor is at fault and will most likely need replacing. Thankfully, the THv4 Sensor is very cheap and easy to replace.

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Rcom Incubator Spares - What does and doesn't work?

We began stocking Rcom incubators in late 2015 and became the UK's exclusive Rcom Incubator distributer in early 2016. Whilst we can source parts for any machine purchased since then, it can prove difficult to source spare parts for older Rcom incubators; those purchased from previous UK resellers, or purchased from eBay. If we can help you, we most certainly will. So in this blog, we aim to answer all your questions regarding spare parts for older Rcom incubators.


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