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This short blog post is a step-by-step guide explaining how to replace the THv4 Sensor in the Rcom King Suro 20 Max egg incubator. The Thv4 sensor is the incubator's temperature and humidity sensor, the part that detects the tiniest of environmental changes inside the unit and relays that information to the control board.

If you see an ERR01 error code on the Rcom King Suro, it means that the sensor is at fault and will most likely need replacing. Thankfully, the THv4 Sensor is very cheap and easy to replace.

To replace the sensor, follow the steps below...


Step 1. Disconnect the power.  
To be completely safe, turn off the power at the wall socket. Then, remove the plug from the wall.  
Step 2. Remove the incubator lid.  
Once the lid of the incubator is removed, place it upside down on a work-surface. It is recommended to sit it on a towel or soft material to avoid scratching the display.  
Step 3. Disconnect the window from the control housing.  
The window is the clear perspex part. The control housing is the beige-coloured part.  
Step 3.a. Remove the screws  
Remove the two steel screws as illustrated in the picture to the right.  remove the screws
Step 3.b. Undo the clips.  
 The King Suro incubator features four beige-coloured clips to hold the control housing to the window. Pull the clips lightly away from the centre of the unit to undo them. See the picture to the right.  undo the clips
Step 4. Remove the old THv4 Sensor.  

The sensor is located inside a small hole on the underside of the control unit. See image to the right.

It is pushed onto the circuit board below. To remove it, just lightly pull the sensor whilst gentle moving it from side to side. This should be easy so do not force it.

 remove the sensor
Step 5. Insert the new THv4 Sensor.  
Simply push the new sensor into the pins on the circuit board. Again, this should fit easily and not require too much force. insert the new sensor

We hope that this guide has been useful to you. If you need any more help or advice you are welcome to get in touch or leave a comment below.

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