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A common question we receive from our reptile breeding customers is 'which reptile incubator will suit me best?' It's a tough question, not least because of the huge variety of different reptile species and eggs there are. Reptile incubator designers have to consider a large number of options and settings to ensure the machines are adaptable to individual needs.

Without further ado, here's a breakdown of the main differences between the major Rcom Reptile incubator models.


  Rcom Reptile Max 60 Rcom Reptile Max 90 Rcom Reptile Pro 90
Approx. gecko egg capacity 80 90 90
Approx. tortoise egg capacity 40 45 45
Approx. bullsnake egg capacity 16 25 25
Digital temp. & humidity display
Automatic temp. control
High/Low temp. alarm
Automatic humidity control  
Built-in pre-sets by species    
D.T.G. - Daily Temperature Gap - Mirrors the natural movement of the sun by slightly increasing the temperature for a set number of hours in the middle of the day.
Set the D.T.G. Temperature.
Set the D.T.G. Time/Duration    




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