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Rcom Incubator Review 2015

Introducing Rcom Incubators

The Incubator Shop is extremely pleased to announce that we are now the OFFICIAL UK Distributer of Rcom Products! Rcom are world-renowned for creating innovative, reliable and exceptionally great value incubators. Let us introduce you to the range...


The Rcom 10 ECO, PRO and PRO-Plus

Starting at just £69.95, the Rcom 10 range has proven extremely popular with breeders of all poultry and exotic birds.

Thanks to innovative egg tray design, the Rcom 10 PRO and PRO-Plus incubators boast an egg capacity of up to 10 chicken eggs or 30 quail eggs - with no extra egg trays required.

The Rcom 10 ECO features a simple liquid in glass thermometer, whereas the Rcom 10 PRO and PRO-Plus offer full digital display and control panel.

Rcom Incubators are exceptionally innovative. The Rcom 10 range features several unique features including an external water input (you don't need to lift the lid to add water); an in-built filter to prevent dust and feathers entering the fan compartment and a fully detachable control panel for easy cleaning. 

The Rcom 10 PRO and PRO-Plus even offer a built-in candling lamp!

PRO-Plus models include full humidity control via an external pump.



Rcom King Suro Max 20

Rcom Incubator's longest-running and most popular product line is the Rcom King Suro.

The King Suro is available as both semi-automatic and fully automatic and it's universal egg trays provide space for 24 chicken eggs, or 60 quail eggs.

The most popular model in the Suro range is the Rcom King Suro MAX 20 (pictured left). Which features fully automatic egg turning, digital temperature control and full, precise humidity control, for just £199.95.

Digital Temperature and Humidity Control... Built in!

The Rcom King Suro Max 20 has an easy-to-use digital control panel (seen below) from which you can choose your temperature and humidity levels. The control panel even lets you set high/low temperature and humidity alarms. 

Finally, like all Rcom Incubators, the machines include helpful additions such as the ability to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, or turn the sound on or off.



Rcom Reptile Incubators


Rcom MAX20, MAX50 and PRO incubators

Rcom Incubators cater for a huge variety of different breeders, from those who hatch chickens as pets, to those interested in specialist breeding of rare and exotic birds.

The Rcom MAX 20 and MAX 50 offer precise egg turning, humidity and temperature control in a beautiful desktop unit.

The PRO versions of the Rcom 20 and 50 go even further, with a species selector with built-in pre-sets for the optimum incubation conditions.


We would love to hear from you!

If you want to know more about the Rcom Incubator range, you can visit our website at or contact us.

Perhaps you're already hatching with an Rcom Incubator and want to give your feedback or need advice. If so, get in touch here.

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