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Rcom King Suro Max-20 Incubator (Automatic)

Product Code: 726 Manufacturer ID. MX-SURO
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The Rcom King Suro Max-20 is one of Rcom’s best-selling egg incubator and one of the most advanced incubators available on the market today, but the design of this... Full Description

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The Rcom King Suro Max-20 is one of Rcom’s best-selling egg incubator and one of the most advanced incubators available on the market today, but the design of this incubator still, makes it easy and simple to use.

The Rcom King Suro Max-20 can take up-to 24 chicken eggs and comes complete with adjustable egg dividers, making it suitable for a wide range of species. The Incubator is fan assisted and features a Swiss-made 3rd generation temperature sensor for highly accurate control.

Main Features

  • Calibrated digital temperature display (range 20°C – 42°C)
  • Calibrated digital humidity display (range 20% - 70%)
  • Display of temperature in °C or °F
  • Automatic temperature setting & control
  • Automatic humidity control with an Automatic Pumping System (A.P.S) included
  • Automatic egg turning with egg van cradle, rotating 45° in both directions and completes its 90° rotation every hour
  • Artificial intelligence electronic control device to automatically adjust the cycle of the incubator according to the ambient conditions
  • Egg Cooling Feature
  • Enhanced reliability Swiss-made 3rd generation temperature and humidity sensor
  • Air vent for adjusting air supply
  • High or low incubator temperature alarm & abnormal room temperature alarm
  • Power failure/power outage indicator
  • Embossed slip-resistance floor to prevent young birds forming deformity in their legs
  • Incubator capacity of 24 hen eggs. (based on a ‘standard’ sized hen egg)

The Rcom King Suro Max features full humidity control via a simple Automatic Pumping System (APS). Changing the humidity levels inside the machine is very easy using the simple digital menu on the incubator. The APS unit connects to the Suro using an external nipple allowing water to be added without lifting the lid.


Within the King Suro range of incubators, you have the Rcom King Suro Max-20 and the King Suro Eco-20. The King Suro Max-20 is at the top end with the most features but still affordable for beginners. Whereas the King Suro Eco-20 is a much more basic and simplistic unit for beginners, removing features some users may find complicated or complex and just want a good quality incubator for a good price and that is simple to use.

Don’t know what incubator is right for you? Too many models to choose from and don’t know the difference between them. See our comparison below between the King Suro incubators and the Rcom 20 MAX/PRO incubators 

Feature / Model name  Rcom King Suro Eco-20  Rcom King Suro Max-20 Rcom 20 PRO Rcom 20 MAX
Digital temperature & Humidity display  -
Display of temperature in °C or °F -
Humidity control Manual  Automatic (A.P.S) Automatic Automatic
Egg Turning  Semi-automatic  Automatic (egg cradle) Automatic (moving floor) Automatic (moving floor)
Egg Cooling  - - -
Air Vent to adjust air supply 
Abnormal temperature alarm  -
Power failure alarm -
Embossed slip-resistance floor 
Hen egg capacity  24 eggs/Universal tray(supplied) 24 eggs/Universal tray(supplied) 20 eggs/Medium egg tray (supplied) 18-20 eggs/Universal egg tray (supplied)
Quail egg capacity  60 eggs/Universal tray(supplied)  60 eggs/Universal tray(supplied)  52 eggs/Small egg tray (supplied) 50-52 eggs/Universal egg tray (supplied)
Goose egg capacity  9 eggs/Universal tray(supplied) 9 eggs/Universal tray(supplied) 10 eggs/Large egg tray (supplied) 8-10 eggs/Universal egg tray (supplied)
Duck egg capacity  20 eggs/Universal tray(supplied) 20 eggs/Universal tray(supplied) 20 eggs/Medium egg tray (supplied) 15 eggs/Universal tray(supplied)

The Rcom King Suro Max-20 will also hold 40 Pheasant eggs, 36 Amazone/Macaw eggs & 3-4 Emu/Rhea eggs please contact us if you would like more details.  

*Note: Egg capacities are an estimation provided by the manufacturer, they are based on their calculations, using ‘standard’ sized eggs. For further details please contact us.*


Egg CapacityChicken: 24 | Quail: 60 | Goose: 10 | Duck: 20
Dimensions43cm x 23cm x 26cm high
Weight2.5 KG
Power ConsumptionMaximum 48 Watts - Typical 25 Watts
Power Supply220~240v, 50/60Hz
Humidty ControlAutomatic, Pump Included
Egg TurningAutomatic
Warranty2 Years +

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Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between manual, semi-automatic and automatic turning incubators?

In a ‘manual’ incubator, eggs must be turned ‘manually’, meaning you must turn each egg by hand usually around 3-4 times a day.

Automatic incubators will automatically turn the eggs for you. On some automatic machines, you can set the timings of the turns, as well as the duration or angle of the turn. This can be important if you’re incubating specialist birds such as falcons or exotic birds.

Semi-automatic incubators don’t require you to turn each egg by hand, but equally there is no motor to turn them for you either. So, normally semi-automatic machines have a handle or lever that you push and pull to roll or rock all the eggs at the same time. Or, some incubators have specially shaped bases that allow you to tilt the entire machine back and forth.

Please note that ‘manual’ and ‘automatic’, when used in the item name, only refers to the egg turning type. It does not relate to the humidity control or to any other feature.


What’s the different between the Rcom 20 Max and Rcom King Suro?

In terms of features, there’s little difference between the two…

  • They both hold roughly the same amount of eggs (20 chicken eggs)
  • They both have digital temperature control
  • They both have digital humidity control
  • They both have automatic egg turning.

So, the difference isn’t what they do, it’s how they do it…

  • The Rcom 20 Max is a little more elegant. It features and all-in-one design so there’s no assembly required. Whereas the King Suro has a separate turning cradle and an external humidity pump, all of which need assembly.
  • The humidity control in the Rcom 20 Max is widely regarded as more accurate and easy to control. This is because the Rcom 20 Max has a built-in heated water humidifier with specific fans designed to circulate the humid air. Whereas the King Suro has a pump which pumps cold water onto an evaporating pad inside the incubator, which then warms up and evaporates.
  • Because the egg-turner is built into the Rcom 20 Max, the timing of the turning can be adjusted. And egg turning can be turned on and off with the touch of a button. Whereas the King Suro has a cradle which turns the whole incubator back and forth forever until the cradle is unplugged, or the incubator is removed from the cradle.

In conclusion, both machines are brilliant and both are very popular. They’ll both have excellent hatch results and they’re neck-and-neck when it comes to popularity. But the Rcom 20 Max is just that little bit more elegant and refined than that of the King Suro, with a little less setting-up time too. Hence the Rcom 20 Max is typically a little more expensive than the King Suro.

Customer Reviews

Terry Williams
Great incubator and brill service. Looking forward to my first hatch.
sherril cockburn
we have put in our first batch of goose eggs and its doing all the right things great product and service might have to invest in another one
Ruth Jackman
Currently have eggs in the incubator is very easy to use. Arrived when expected but very impressed with the service from the incubator shop very accommodating, very good at communicating would most certainly use again.
This incubator is everything you could want, it even does the cool down cycles. Looking forward to the eggs hatching, ducks and geese!
Amanda Evans
Thank you so much for with pandemic going on and you have excellent service and the Suro king 20 Automatic I have had a couple of incubators and this is the best one ever thank you so so so much Xx
Bit scary putting together , very impressed , good instruction book
Colin Tombs
What an excellent product. Fully automatic, easy to set up and use. Very good hatch rate and much better than my previous incubators. Would highly recommend this make / model.
Dan Bradshaw
Been using one of these since 2014, it's done hundreds of hours and hundreds of eggs. Only had 2 problems - the water hose collapsed where it goes round the rollers after being stood a few months so i just replaced the affected 3cm of hose and set the pump up again. The fan went noisy and eventually started running at varying speeds, it's just a PC fan and i had a spare that was identical. These incubators run themselves, are easy to maintain and parts availability is good.
Tracey Smith
Bought this incubator after borrowing a friends last year to hatch a second batch of turkey eggs. Our first batch in another make of incubator all suffered from health problems related to inconsistancy in incubator temperature. So we borrowed this one and all chicks hatched easily and healthily . Very accurate measurements of temp and humidity and the egg turner saves so much time. Perfect for eggs that need correct controlled hatching. Ordering was easy and arrived within a couple of days . Takes a little while to put together and a good 24 hrs to get settled in. Now have our first ever batch of Geese eggs in our newly bought incubator.
Shane Da Luz
This incubator is the best, and the service from the incubator shop is top of the line they went above and beyond my expectations. Have already had one batch hatch, waiting on a second round which should be hatching any day now!
Ash Williams
Easy to set up. Keeps temperature correct. Quiet fan. Outstanding service and communication.
Keith Warburton
Very impressed with the Rcom, did a lot of research into the best incubator for sensible money and the Rcom came out top! Duck eggs can be very difficult to hatch out and need accurate reap and especially humidity but this incubator hasnt missed a beat and 4 weeks after candling 11 fertile duck eggs 10 have hatched. Things I like about the Rcom are, easy to operate and set up, accurate, easy to clean and the incubator can also act as a brooder for the first 12 hours while the chicks dry before moving them on. Love it!
sophie jade mason
Love this incubator. I brought others at a much cheaper price and has no success. I have have plenty in this. Fast delivery and honestly worth every penny.
Colin Turner
Brilliant service all working great first eggs in waiting for first hatch
Will Robinson
Ordered at 11am and delivered by 1pm the next day. Brilliant service by the incubator shop and the incubator itself appears good quality and as described.
Brilliant incubator! I wouldn’t buy any different now or from anywhere else
The product was delivered promptly and well packaged. On opening there was some assembling to be done and a small screwdriver was necessary along with scissors, good finger dexterity was also needed. I suppose it took about 30mins. Read the instructions first and it should be straight forward. Operation is simple to set and appears to be consistent. I have now hatched a number of chicks and have been pleased with its ease of use. For small batches and a machine which requires little attention once running this is the machine.
D stevens
Normally my hatch rate is around 50% in my Chinese incubator. So I brought myself a rcom king suro and my very first hatch 23 out of 24 have hatched. You can't beat the incubator shop
harold grimmer
Very good product
harold grimmer
Very good product
Julian Dye
Very efficient and helpful supply, looking forward to the first hatch.
Geoffrey wilson
we have just hatched our first lot of chicks,it seems like a brilliant incubator,very accurate readings and easy to use
Much studying to find the best incubator and Rcom certainly seemed to be the one to have. Had a bit of trouble getting the water part sorted but with super customer support form Mike it was all easy. If you're going to buy one but it from here - fab folk fab item
Leanne Ash
Fantastic incubator, excellent hatching results. It takes a little time and care to set up, I had a problem initially getting the pump to work, but when I did, it was fantastic, highly recommended.
Lesley Gallacher
Great product with absolutely fantastic service & advice from the Incubator Shop. Incubator is fairly easy to set up and once it is set it runs itself. Would highly recommend this product.
Peter Johnson
Fast delivery and good seller communication. Incubator seems to be working great 19 out of 23 eggs doing well. Sturdy incubator and easy to set up, the aps pump is a bonus too so worth that bit extra. Would definitely recommend!
Anthony Leach
Great incubator would recommend highly,don't waste your money on the cheap & dangerous imports. I Got 100% eggcellent hatch rate from the r-com kingsuro
edward vernon
hatched my first 20 eggs in this incubator with a 100% hatch rate got no faults at all really easy to clean out and assemble
Bought this as we ran out of space in the old incubator.. not sure why I wasn’t using this before. It’s so easy to use! May even buy another
Excellent incubator.It makes incubating much simpler.
I have had this incubator for several years. I would highly recommend it, always had great hatching results, easy to use and lasted well, still going strong. I have bought a second RCOM incubator as the make seems fantastic
Steve Watt
Really good incubator with built in humidity control. Took a little while to suss out how to prime the pump but was all good after that
mr michael joslin
it does the job very well !!
Kim Hayward
Took 2 of us to get it set up!!!! but up and running now,the water thing took a bit of working out, Great service from the incubator Team, now waiting for my first hatch.
Simon Oakley
we have just had our first eggs hatch and what a simple effective device no fuss no hassle and strong healthy chicks. Cleaning is very simple and we are straight on to batch 2 , 1 star docked because I don't think the fan will last very long but its a cheap simple fix if it does go .
Chelsea Austin
I have 2 x Rcom 20 max incubators but needed another incubator quickly but cheaply. I bought this as it has a good Quail egg capacity and had automatic turning and humidification but was a cheaper price than others of a similar spec. I'm only half way through my first hatch with this and i must say i wish i'd spent the extra on another max 20. Space for me is of a premium and although this incubator is compact compared with the Max 20, all the wires, tubes and the humidity pump ultimately take up more room. Also you need 2 plugs if you want the auto turn function which meant i needed another bigger extension plug as i did'nt have enough space left for 2 plugs. Ugh! Also i have found the humidity readings inaccurate when compared to the digital hygrometer i have inside. It's also hard to control. When it is low and i press the button to add some water it ends up too high. I just really wish i could send this back and get the max 20 but as it's already in use i doubt i can do that.

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