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Brinsea Ovation 28 EX Incubator (Automatic)

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The Ovation 28 EX is the most sophisticated incubator that Brinsea have produced. One of their newest incubators - to celebrate 40 years of manufacturing - the Ovation 28 EX... Full Description

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The Ovation 28 EX is the most sophisticated incubator that Brinsea have produced. One of their newest incubators - to celebrate 40 years of manufacturing - the Ovation 28 EX contains all Brinsea’s best features and offers the user complete control over the environment in which the eggs are developing.

The Ovation 28 EX is a fully automatic incubator in which the airflow is second to none. It comes complete with a fully digital temperature & humidity display, automatic humidity control with its own built in pump and automatic egg turning. The egg turning is controlled via the digital display and can be set to turn at various intervals throughout the day. Eggs sit in egg baskets and the Ovation 28 comes with 4 egg baskets included.

Main Features.

  • Calibrated digital temperature display with a range of 20.0 – 40.0°C (68.0 – 104.0°F).
  • Digital display of temperature in °C or °F
  • Digital Humidity display with automatic humidity control (built in humidity pump)
  • Fully automatic egg turning with programmable turning interval
  • Abnormally high or low incubation temperature alarms
  • Room temperature alarm
  • Fan assisted airflow with Induced Dual Airflow system
  • Egg cooling feature
  • Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive
  • Ventilation control
  • Incubation capacity of 28 hen eggs, based on a standard sized hen egg. (4 standard egg baskets supplied as standard).

Egg Capacity 

Species  Capacity 
Hen  28 eggs / 4 standard egg baskets 
Quail  48 eggs / 4 standard egg baskets or 66 egg / 3 large egg baskets (optional extra)
Duck  25 eggs / 4 standard egg baskets 
Goose  9 eggs / 3 large egg baskets (optional extra)

*Note: Egg capacities are an estimation provided by the manufacturer, they are based on their calculations, using ‘standard’ sized eggs. For further details please contact us.*


There are 3 different versions of the Brinsea Ovation 28 Incubator. The Ovation 28 Eco, Ovation 28 Advance and the Ovation 28 EX. All 3 models have different features, some have features other models don’t. The Ovation 28 EX is the highest spec incubator out of the three but not everyone needs everything the EX comes with.

Don’t know which model is best for you? Don’t know what the difference is between the models? Check out our comparison of the three models below!

Function / model  Ovation 28 ECO Ovation 28 Advance Ovation 28 EX
Digital Temperature Display
Digital Humidity Display  -
Humidity Control  Manual Manual Automatic
Automatic Egg Turning 
Egg Cooling  -
Temperature Alarms


Dimensions44.7cm L x 33.2cm W x 22.3cm H
Power ConsumptionMaximum 60 watts - Typical 30 Watts
Power Supply230v, 50Hz, 0.5A Max
Humidty ControlAutomatic, Pump Included
Egg TurningAutomatic
Warranty3 Years +

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Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between the Brinsea Ovation 28 Eco, Advance and EX incubators?

The three Ovation 28 machines have different features. The Ovation 28 Eco has a digital temperature display and automatic egg turning. It’s the most basic version of the three.

The Ovation 28 Advance is the mid-spec machine. It has all the same features as the Eco, except the Advance has a digital humidity readout too.

The top of the range machine is the Ovation 28 EX which has every feature from the Eco and Advance models; digital temperature display, digital humidity display and automatic egg turning. But the EX version also has automatic humidity control with a built-in pumping system. Whereas, on the Eco and Advance models, humidity must be controlled manually by filling water troughs inside the machine.

What’s the difference between an Ovation 56 and Ovation 28?

The only difference between the two machines is the size and egg capacity. The Ovation 56 is a larger machine and holds up to 56 hen-sized eggs or equivalent. Whereas the Ovation 28 holds 28 hen-sized eggs or equivalent.

The Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Ovation 28 match the specifications of the Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Ovation 56. The only difference is the egg capacity.

What’s the difference between manual, semi-automatic and automatic turning incubators?

In a ‘manual’ incubator, eggs must be turned ‘manually’, meaning you must turn each egg by hand usually around 3-4 times a day.

Automatic incubators will automatically turn the eggs for you. On some automatic machines, you can set the timings of the turns, as well as the duration or angle of the turn. This can be important if you’re incubating specialist birds such as falcons or exotic birds.

Semi-automatic incubators don’t require you to turn each egg by hand, but equally there is no motor to turn them for you either. So, normally semi-automatic machines have a handle or lever that you push and pull to roll or rock all the eggs at the same time. Or, some incubators have specially shaped bases that allow you to tilt the entire machine back and forth.

Please note that ‘manual’ and ‘automatic’, when used in the item name, only refers to the egg turning type. It does not relate to the humidity control or to any other feature.


What does the term ‘fully automatic’ mean? Does it mean automatic turning, automatic humidity control and automatic temperature control?

If you see the term ‘ automatic’ in the item name, for example, the “Rcom 20 Max Incubator (Automatic)” or in the description, such as, “the ovation 28 Advance is a fully automatic incubator”, it generally refers to the egg turning; meaning the egg turning is fully automatic. ‘Automatic’ or ‘fully automatic’ does not refer to the humidity control or temperature control.

All incubators include a built-in thermostat, even those that do not have a digital display. So, temperature is always controlled automatically.

What’s the difference between the Brinsea Ovation 28 EX and Rcom 20 models?

The first difference between the Ovation 28 EX and the Rcom 20 Max and Pro is the egg capacity. The Ovation 28 holds more eggs; up to 28 hen-sized eggs or equivalent. The Rcom 20 Max and Pro models can hold up to 20 hen-sized eggs, or equivalent.

The Ovation 28 EX, the Rcom 20 Max and the Rcom 20 Pro all have a humidity display and automatic humidity control. But, the type of control is different as the Ovation uses a pumping system whereas the Rcom 20 Max and Pro both use a heated water humidification unit instead, giving them more precise control.

Finally, the Rcom 20 Pro has a ‘species selector’ feature and specific settings for egg-turning; both of which are unavailable on the Ovation 28 EX.

How to set-up or replace the humidity pump tube.

Here's a video guide to setting-up or replacing the humidity pump tube on Brinsea Mini II, Maxi II or Ovation EX models.

Customer Reviews

Excellent piece of kit
Very impressed, and that includes customer services when I required some advice initially on setting the incubator up, which is easy enough unless like me, you have a tendancy put connections on back to front.
This is our first incubator, was easy to setup, and instructions are easy to understand. Perfect!!
Carol pearson
I bought this incubator to hatch some mandarin duck eggs next year after a failed attempt in a cheap incubator. I put it together and started it up and it has kept its temperature and humidity constant which is what I expected with this. so now I await with expectation next year, but from what I have read about these incubators I am sure the incubator won’t let me down. It was delivered well packaged and before the estimated delivery date very impressed with the company
Excellent service, delivered earlier than expected. Setting it up was easy and it has kept temperature and humidity levels consistently.
Alan Wright
Delivery first class Product excellent and does what it says You tube video very helpful Very pleased
Mike Lloyd
Excellent incubator,very easy to set up.Best I have bought. Fast delivery. Highly recommended.
David Oliver
Excellent incubator. Easy to set up. Brilliant service - faultless. Very satisfied customer.
From ordering the incubator arrived at my home within two days, I was kept informed via email and I am super happy with the product and service. I will definitely be ordering again
Margaret Mason
Excellent service , incubator easy to set up and now first batch of eggs in . Would definitely use the incubator shop again
This is a great piece of kit. Very easy to set up with clear instructions. Can't wait to use it.
Cathy Ashwin
Very impressed with this machine, easy to set up and use- found the Brinsea videos useful during this process. Very quiet, so can use in the kitchen without disturbance.
Trevor Meadows
Good info on all products. Plus excellent advice and tips. Good prices. Swift delivery. All in all excellent experience. Thanks
Darren Dunnage
Brilliant product, easy to set up and holds very steady temps and humidity, you really can trust this incubator. Also amazing service from incubator shop thanks
Jane Watson
Excellent and easy to use product
Tanya Meschko
This is streets ahead of my previous Rcom kingsuro 20. It really is automatic and unbelievably stable. I haven’t had a hatch yet, but the equipment is top rate. Such a relief to have humidity taken care of. My only niggle is that the egg holders are fixed and I had a couple of leghorn eggs that were too big and they unfortunately cracked as the plastic holders crushed them. I will know next time, I know there is a bigger sized holder, but that is more money and would take longer to arrive. I am sure if I was more experienced it probably wouldn’t have happened. Also it arrived very quickly, well packaged the next working day. (Even during lockdown) Great service. This is the best place to buy incubators in the IK hands down.
Michelle Macleod
From easy ordering to fast delivery even during a pandemic! Fantastic service and will definitely use again.
Excellent service, even during the Covid lockdown. Incubator arrived quickly and safely. Incubator was easy to set up and working well. Bought the additional egg trays at the same time. Highly recommend the Incubator Shop and will definitely be using them again. Thank you
Adam Cooper
Very good quality product. I've tried the cheap Chinese copies and they dont work. This is a quality product and it does everything for you. Remember you only get what you pay for. The temperature and humidity is spot on and doesn't drop off like with cheap copies. Well built and sturdy. Remember buy cheap buy twice. So buy a good one first and dont waste your money.
Rebecca Buckley
Absolutely delighted that the incubator arrived within two days of ordering despite the website saying it was out of stock when we ordered! Easy to set up (though we did use a step by step guide on YouTube for ease) and already full of eggs. All sampled eggs developing nicely on first inspection and now fingers crossed for chicks in two weeks! Thank you very much, excellent service.
Taswar Amin
Arrived next day and was very easy to set up. This is my second incubator from the incubator shop and it's always given me great results. Fully automatic means I can set the temp and humidity and forget everything for the 1st two weeks. Very good product
Excellent piece of kit,very simple to put together,clear instructions and I've had great result from first try with eggs,would definitely recommend,very easy to use
Katherine Cooksley
Great product, very happy. Waiting for my first arrivals set within the incubator now. The only thing I would say is it seems to struggle in lower room temperatures than an older model I already have.
Not that impressed with the actual incubator. Had a good hatch from it but the the cleaning of it is were it lets it self down. The screws and plastic are very poor, expecting problems later on! The nooks and crannies are hard to get to! Expected better quality (very flimsy) for the money.

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