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Brinsea Mini II Eco Incubator (Manual)

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To coincide with Brinsea’s 40th year of manufacturing, they have released a full new range of egg incubators, the first of which is the Mini II Eco manual turn... Full Description

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To coincide with Brinsea’s 40th year of manufacturing, they have released a full new range of egg incubators, the first of which is the Mini II Eco manual turn incubator.

This model is a great entry level incubator as it has a fantastic viewing window so you can see all of the eggs at all times. The other benefit of this incubator is that you have to be very involved with it as you turn the eggs manually, this means it can be a very handy educational tool too. 

 Main Features

  • Temperature measured by a Liquid In Glass Thermometer (included)
  • Manual Humidity control 
  • Manual egg turning
  • Fan assisted airflow
  • Protected by Biomaster Antimicrobial additive
  • Ventilation control
  • External water top-up
  • Incubator capacity 10 hen eggs & 24 quail eggs based on ‘standard sized’ eggs (no trays required, 1 hatching mat supplied)

To increase the humidity above natural levels, you can add water into the incubator via the external top up point which is on the side of the incubator. Once water is poured into here, it travels into the central reservoir and evaporates increasing the humidity levels.

The eggs in this incubator need to be turned by hand at least 3 times a day. They also need to be turned opposite ways each time starting with clockwise and then anti-clockwise and so on. It is recommended to put a cross on one side and a circle on the other so you know that all eggs have been turned.


Don’t know what incubator is right for you? Too many models to choose from and don’t know the difference between them. See our comparison below between the three different Mini II incubators. 

Function / Model name  Brinsea Mini II ECO Brinsea Mini II Advance  Brinsea Mini II EX
Digital temperature display  -
Digital Humidity display  - -
Egg turning  Manual  Automatic  Automatic
Adjustable turning angle & interval  -
Humidity control  Manual  Manual Automatic
Egg cooling feature  -
Countdown to hatch  - -
Incubator & Room temperature alarms  -
Egg capacity  10 hen eggs / 24 quail eggs (no trays required) 7 hen eggs (standard egg disk supplied) & 14 quail eggs (Small egg tray available to purchase separately)

7 hen eggs & 14 quail eggs (standard & small egg tray supplied)


Egg CapacityChicken: 10 | Quail: 24 | Goose: 0 | Duck: 8
Dimensions24.5cm L x 24.4cm W x 16.5cm H
Power ConsumptionMaximum 20 Watts - Typical 12 Watts
Power Supply230v, 50Hz, 0.5A Max
Humidty ControlManual
Egg TurningManual
Warranty3 Years +

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Questions & Answers

Whatís the difference between the Brinsea Mini II Eco, Advance and EX incubators?

The Mini II Eco is the most basic machine, it uses a liquid in glass thermometer for the temperature reading (there is no humidity display) and egg-turning needs to be performed by hand. You need to turn the eggs 3-4 times a day. Whereas the Mini II Advance and EX versions have a digital display for the temperature and humidity, as well as automatic egg turning.

In addition to the Mini II Advance features, the Mini II EX has automatic humidity control which draws water into the incubator automatically as its needed, accurately maintaining the humidity at the desired level.

Whatís the difference between Maxi II and Mini II incubators?

The only difference between the two machines is the size and egg capacity. The Maxi II is the larger machine and holds up to 14 hen sized eggs or equivalent whereas the Mini II holds up to 7 hen sized eggs or equivalent.

The Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Maxi II match the specifications of the Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Mini II. The only difference is the egg capacity.

Whatís the difference between manual, semi-automatic and automatic turning incubators?

In a ‘manual’ incubator, eggs must be turned ‘manually’, meaning you must turn each egg by hand usually around 3-4 times a day.

Automatic incubators will automatically turn the eggs for you. On some automatic machines, you can set the timings of the turns, as well as the duration or angle of the turn. This can be important if you’re incubating specialist birds such as falcons or exotic birds.

Semi-automatic incubators don’t require you to turn each egg by hand, but equally there is no motor to turn them for you either. So, normally semi-automatic machines have a handle or lever that you push and pull to roll or rock all the eggs at the same time. Or, some incubators have specially shaped bases that allow you to tilt the entire machine back and forth.

Please note that ‘manual’ and ‘automatic’, when used in the item name, only refers to the egg turning type. It does not relate to the humidity control or to any other feature.


Customer Reviews

One of those great purchases that combines an efficient and helpful seller with a good product. Our first attempt but we've gained a lot of confidence and the incubator is easy to use when you follow the detailed instructions. A great size for hatching a garden flock in a small house and good to support British manufacturing, too. So eggcited now hatching day is here :)
Brett Adams
Brought this as a replacement as I lost 24 eggs in my old one. My first hatch in the Brinsea I had 90% hatch. Itís compact, easy to add water without opening and easy to use and clean after. Over the moon with this incubator. Would 100% recommend
Great incubator, hatched all my eggs successfully, really reliable. Good price and delivery. Thank you.
Cheryl shepherd
So Far so Good. Got 12 quail eggs, All developing nicely. Easy Incubator to use . Definitely Reccomend!
Cheryl shepherd
So Far so Good. Got 12 quail eggs, All developing nicely. Easy Incubator to use . Definitely Reccomend!
Paul Hawkes
Very pleased with this company. Email to say when delivering and was delivered on time.First time using an incubator and this was easy to use.We followed instructions and happy to say that we have successfully hatched 5 out of 5 chickens. A good starter unit for being hands on with turning the eggs etc and a good price too.
Incubator was here the next day and set up easily! So happy with the service Iíve just ordered a second one from them!
Incubator was here the next day and set up easily! So happy with the service Iíve just ordered a second one from them!
Chris B
Bought this for a very good friend. He was absolutely delighted with it.
high quality, easy to use, came quickly, waiting for the chicks now :)
Michael Hitchings
A great little incubator super fast delivery
Brilliant, we have chicks on out first attempt.
This is a brilliant little first time incubator. Easy to set up and use and definitely more sturdy and robust than the piece of junk from Amazon that I returned. Good hatch rate and I can't wait to use it again!
Looking for a replacement incubator the incubator shop were the cheapest. Arrived the next day. First class service.
Diane Mortimee
Prompt service and delivery. Product works well.
Diane Mortimee
Prompt service and delivery. Product works well.
Fast efficient service, eggs set fingers crossed.
M Smith
Many thanks for an excellent Incubator. Great instructions included and videos on YouTube to support. A simple machine but clearly well designed, made and lots of support available. We couldn't be happier .
Liz Tyndall
This is such a useful bit of kit. My broody hen hatched 3 eggs out of the pile she was sitting on, then got distracted by her balls of fluff and abandoned the rest. The eggs were hastily transferred to the incubator and we now have 6 chicks and counting. Yes, the screwdriver for adjusting the temperature is tiny, but as it came pre-set, that wasn't an issue.
Ella Turner
Super fast postage, brilliant little machine for the children to get involved.
Couple of months ago I got given half a dozen silkie eggs from my allotment neighbor to try and hatch. That time I had a cheap incubator which broke down on day 2.i had to get something and get it quick, this is how I found the incubatorshop. I have heard of Brinsea before and how reliable they are so I chose this product as I thought this would suit me. I wasn't wrong. The incubator arrived and I've put it together - at first the temperature did go over the recommended and was nearing 40, but I read the manual and turned it down to the required temperature. Egg turning is OK you just take the lid off for 30 seconds, quickly turn all eggs, lid back, done. At first I wanted to follow the humidity percentages the Internet recommends but soon realised that if I just follow Brinsea's advice and fill the required tank with water, I don't have to worry about whether its 50 or 55%...when it's lockdown, fill both sides of the water reservoir and that's it. It comes with a cardboard hatch plate, which is OK but I now prefer to use non slip mat and cut to fit. I like that this product comes with 3 year guarantee it shows that the company is serious about their quality of product. If you're just a hobby hatchet or just starting out, this is one of the best product to start with at a very reasonable price.
Wish I had bought this one first! Made the mistake of trying an eBay special and lost all 14 of my first batch of eggs. The second batch with this incubator 8 of 13 hatched. I also purchased the upgrade to semi auto turn the eggs.
Ashley Mantle
10 days into my first use the eggs are developing nicely and the temperature is nice and stable... it is nice and easy to use. Thumbs up from me!
Excellent product and service
Peter Bailey
Great little machine, 7 days in so far and doing great regulating temperature. Finding the humidity a bit of a challenge but controlling it with my own water source. Definitely worth the money compared to others on ebay etc
Once the incubator temperature is set,it maintains a good temperature. Following the instructions to add water to levels worked well as all my eggs hatched successfully. It would be great if they could make a fan incubator which is silent.
Luz Bryant
Excellent service, Prompt delivery .excellent Product
Ann Cowern
Thank you so much! This incubator is brilliant. First time I've hatched in an incubator. Ducklings started hatching today, easy to use temperature stable even through the heat wave, humidity resavoir ,just kept it topped up. Seven duck eggs in it comfortably. Marvelous!!!
In the middle of our hatching attempt! This is an excellent little incubator, delivered swiftly, competitively priced and easy to use. We are still some days off hatching, but very optimistic indeed!
Brett Oliver Cowell
Great little incubator, works a treat, all you need to do is add water and turn eggs.. boom! Item arrived super fast and great communication from the incubator shop.
Julie Williams
I set 7 duck eggs and have had one hatch. Nothing wrong with the incubator but need to ask advice on why ducklings couldn't hatch although they were fully developed. Temperature maintained throughout and water was added correctly. Will now try again.
Amy Burrow
This is the first incubator I have bought and once you get into the routine of manually g turning your eggs itís easy. Had 6/10 eggs hatch so pleased with the results. Keeps the temperature constant. A good buy at this price
Kathryn Steer
Fantastic little incubator- perfect for starting out. Great service from the incubator shop and super fast delivery after I was let down by a different supplier. Literally saved the day. Highly recommended!
Had two incubators running side by side, the mini II and another brand. Much preferred the mini II the thermometer was set up and never needed altering the visibility was brilliant , the grandkids where able to turn the eggs and feel involved. Topping the water up was easy could see the level all the time. My other incubator you couldnâÄôt tell if the tray had water, visibility inside was difficult. When hatching was taking place itâÄôs circular shape helped in the viewing as there was no fighting to see inside as we could see 360 degrees. Brilliant results.can highly recommend
Delighted with this - hatched 5/7 from a clutch that had been abandoned by a broody half way through incubation.
Lucie Fletcher
I was one of those that ordered a cheap incubator of eBay and obviously never came. I was relucatnat to spend to much on an Incubator as you canít be sure they all will hatch. However, order this one and came next day. Great instructions, temp already set from factory , loads of great videos online from Brinsea as well - canít go wrong! Very impressed so far, great unit. Candled all 7 eggs, all have veins and developing nicely so far. Moral of the story , just buy a Brinsea or a good branded know incubator :) thanks so much
Excellent service, great product
rachel clarke
This product is fab. It arrived when it was meant to. It was well packaged and the company were very informative about the tracking of the parcel and dispatch email. Really happy with my incubator. Many thanks
Great service with efficient dispatch and delivery. Well packaged and product functioning right now hopefully bringing 6 new birds to us soon!
Laurie Gettings
This is such a great starter incubator, makes it easy even for beginners. I ordered via The incubator shop and it was delivered within 48hours. Great, product, great delivery. Overall great experience. Thankyou
Philip Ruhemann
This arrived within 3 days of ordering despite Covid and the fact that I live in the Hebrides. Good basic machine with no digital display or alarm but itís doing the job for us. Quiet as well. We like to manually turn our duck eggs so suits us on that front as well. Good Brinsea tutorials on YouTube.
Great incubator, it does make a noise but this is now reassuring after I bought a cheap Chinese one which stopped working after 2 weeks. The eggs roll a bit on the smooth surface so I've put a snall hair bobble under each egg and it works brilliantly to keep them in place and stops them rolling once turned
Sophie Presswell
These people are so helpful and get back to you straight away when you email. I brought this incubator while out of stock and I love it. Now got the eggs in so hope it works well 🥰 thank you guys!!!!
Great incubator, worked beautifully. 100% hatch rate with eggs from one supplier. Poor hatch rate with another but given that the hatch rate was 100% with one supplier, I suspect I had duff eggs from the other supplier and don't blame the incubator. My only slight niggle was that the temperature was very tricky to adjust with the small screw driver provided. My fingers aren't that big but I still found it difficult to adjust. You only had to turn the screwdriver a fraction and it would make a huge difference to the temperature but the fact that it was so small means you didn't really know how far you were turning it. Also, could only fit in 9 chicken eggs rather than 10. And even the 9 were a squash.
A good incubator, definitely does the trick if youíre not sure what to get or donít want to splash out but want an effective machine. two out of four eggs produced very lovely and healthy ducklings but after that a duckling pipped and was lost bc of the unreliable humidity. Final egg is a waiting game. Overall i do recommend this incubator but keep an eye on the humidity and heat inside!!!
Henrietta Collier
The incubator holds its temperature well as long as the room temperature is fairly constant. Quite fiddly to set to the correct temperature to start with. No ability to measure humidity. Manual turning means you have to open the incubator several times a day, and take care to set the lid back on correctly each time.
Great incubator and you can tell it was well made. However, very noisy and almost impossible to get it to the temperature you want it at. No digital displays and you must unscrew the back and use a tiny screwdriver to adjust the temperature in millimetre measurements, with no indication of how much youíre increasing or reducing by and the slightest turn will throw it off by a few degrees. Youíd think for a good brand and paying over £70, theyíd be able to at least have a digital display and an easier temperature control. Humidity has never gonna above 55%, so Iím worried for my hatching chicks. Bit annoyed about this product after getting recommended Brinsea, they just want you to pay £200 to get the better model. But if youíre willing to deal with the hassle, itís a decent enough incubator.
Helen Wright
The incubator holds it temperature well but it takes while to get it set correctly. All was well til it came to the due hatching day when the incubator suddenly lost it's temperature and refused to heat up but the fan was still going. Luckily we had a 2nd incubator so transfered all the eggs into that but they were all squashed. It says 10 eggs but will only really hold 8 chicken eggs at a push. I'd rate this higher if it had stayed working.

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