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Brinsea Mini II EX Incubator (Automatic)

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The Brinsea Mini II EX is an ideal incubator for those who want full control of every aspect of the incubation period, this is particularly helpful for those people who want... Full Description

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The Brinsea Mini II EX is an ideal incubator for those who want full control of every aspect of the incubation period, this is particularly helpful for those people who want to incubate rare eggs such as Parrots and other exotic birds.

This incubator features all of Brinsea’s technology, new and old, and gives you the best chance of hatching your eggs.

Main Features

  • Digital temperature display range of 20.0-40.0°C (68.0-104.0°F)
  • Temperature display of °C or °F
  • Digital humidity Display
  • Automatic humidity control (built in pumping system)
  • Automatic egg turning
  • Fan assisted airflow
  • Adjustable turning interval and angle
  • Protected by Biomaster Antimicrobial additive
  • Optional egg cooling feature
  • Ventilation control
  • External water top-up
  • Incubator and room temperature alarm
  • Power fail indicator
  • Incubator capacity 7 hen eggs & 12 quail eggs based on ‘standard sized’ eggs (standard & small egg disk included)

One of the main features of this incubator is that it has full humidity control. It is fully integrated into the unit meaning that there is no separate pump that needs setting up or maintaining. With the pump being integrated, it means that the only external part that you need is a container for the water!

The humidity is controlled via the simple digital display on top of the incubator, the user sets the desired level and the pump ensures that the set level is maintained within its tolerances.


Don’t know what incubator is right for you? Too many models to choose from and don’t know the difference between them. See our comparison below between the three different Mini II incubators. 

Function / Model name  Brinsea Mini II ECO Brinsea Mini II Advance  Brinsea Mini II EX
Digital temperature display  -
Digital Humidity display  - -
Egg turning  Manual  Automatic  Automatic
Adjustable turning angle & interval  -
Humidity control  Manual  Manual Automatic
Egg cooling feature  -
Countdown to hatch  - -
Incubator & Room temperature alarms  -
Egg capacity  10 hen eggs / 24 quail eggs (no trays required) 7 hen eggs (standard egg disk supplied) & 12 quail eggs (Small egg tray available to purchase separately)

7 hen eggs & 12 quail eggs (standard & small egg tray supplied)


Dimensions24.5cm L x 24.4cm W x 16.5cm H
Power ConsumptionMaximum 20 Watts - Typical 12 Watts
Power Supply230v, 50Hz, 0.5A Max
Humidty ControlAutomatic, Pump Included
Egg TurningAutomatic
Warranty3 Years +

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Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between the Brinsea Mini II Eco, Advance and EX incubators?

The Mini II Eco is the most basic machine, it uses a liquid in glass thermometer for the temperature reading (there is no humidity display) and egg-turning needs to be performed by hand. You need to turn the eggs 3-4 times a day. Whereas the Mini II Advance and EX versions have a digital display for the temperature and humidity, as well as automatic egg turning.

In addition to the Mini II Advance features, the Mini II EX has automatic humidity control which draws water into the incubator automatically as its needed, accurately maintaining the humidity at the desired level.

What’s the difference between Maxi II and Mini II incubators?

The only difference between the two machines is the size and egg capacity. The Maxi II is the larger machine and holds up to 14 hen sized eggs or equivalent whereas the Mini II holds up to 7 hen sized eggs or equivalent.

The Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Maxi II match the specifications of the Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Mini II. The only difference is the egg capacity.

What’s the difference between manual, semi-automatic and automatic turning incubators?

In a ‘manual’ incubator, eggs must be turned ‘manually’, meaning you must turn each egg by hand usually around 3-4 times a day.

Automatic incubators will automatically turn the eggs for you. On some automatic machines, you can set the timings of the turns, as well as the duration or angle of the turn. This can be important if you’re incubating specialist birds such as falcons or exotic birds.

Semi-automatic incubators don’t require you to turn each egg by hand, but equally there is no motor to turn them for you either. So, normally semi-automatic machines have a handle or lever that you push and pull to roll or rock all the eggs at the same time. Or, some incubators have specially shaped bases that allow you to tilt the entire machine back and forth.

Please note that ‘manual’ and ‘automatic’, when used in the item name, only refers to the egg turning type. It does not relate to the humidity control or to any other feature.


What does the term ‘fully automatic’ mean? Does it mean automatic turning, automatic humidity control and automatic temperature control?

If you see the term ‘ automatic’ in the item name, for example, the “Rcom 20 Max Incubator (Automatic)” or in the description, such as, “the ovation 28 Advance is a fully automatic incubator”, it generally refers to the egg turning; meaning the egg turning is fully automatic. ‘Automatic’ or ‘fully automatic’ does not refer to the humidity control or temperature control.

All incubators include a built-in thermostat, even those that do not have a digital display. So, temperature is always controlled automatically.

How to set-up or replace the humidity pump tube.

Here's a video guide to setting-up or replacing the humidity pump tube on Brinsea Mini II, Maxi II or Ovation EX models.

Customer Reviews

Darren Cartwright
This is incubation made easy. I purchased one last month and the results were very good.
Good product works well
The Henfolder
I have purchased several items from The Incubator Shop over the last couple of years, the latest purchase was a Brinsea Mini II EX Automatic Incubator which is the second purchase of the same product. The Mini II Ex works perfectly could be a tad bigger for duck eggs as they tend to catch against each other on the auto turning so I just turn them by hand AM & PM. The Incubator Shop price matched the product without any quibbles and refunded without any problems my additional £5.00 discount which was missed by their website when I placed my order. Excellent Company with helpful staff.
I ordered this for my grand daughter's 18th birthday. You were extremely helpful and she is thrilled and can't wait for her duck eggs to arrive.
Steve Andrews
Compact, well made, easy to use once it is working. It does everything. Technology is brilliant. A real quality product.
norman John barrow
Excellent service. Good delivery. the Mini 11 EX is very easy to use. very pleased thank you. Norman
My first ever incubator and pleased I went with recommendations to purchase the Brinsea Mini II EX Today we have two baby chicks already hatched and two more to follow (hopefully). Set up was a challenge but with a quick phone call to check we'd got it right we were all set! Highly recommended. :)
Steve Andrews
Compact, well made, easy to use once it is working. It does everything. Technology is brilliant. A real quality product.
Steve rose
Brilliant incubators ideal for raptors
David Stallwood
This incubator is fantastic. Took a little while to figure out where things fitted but once done never forgotten. So easy to fit and set. The staff at the incubator shop are fantastic and helped me when I wanted to add something on. The communication is fantastic and very fast to reply. I can’t fault them and will always go to them for items in the future.
In my experience, Brinsea have always been the best and this is no exception. Delighted. Good, solid engineering, sensible design and highly functional.
Ian Govier
Great product, a little tricky to set up the pump, but once sorted worked brilliantly. As ever, fabulous service from the store.
Gary Gulliver
A compact and easy to use incubator that once set up does it all Orderering and delivery was quick and easy
Anthony Jones
The delivery and service have been second to none. It is my intention to hatch my first brood of Quail after Easter, so haven't used it yet
I have owned this incubator since mid 2020 and would never use another brand. I have successfully hatched a number of Chicks and Ducklings. I was a first time hatcher but that didn't matter as this incubator is so easy to use and reliable, it basically does everything for you. The user manual is extremely easy to follow and the product is good quality, compact, robust and easy to clean. Even though Brinsea products come with a 3 year warranty I can't imagine many people would need to use this. This incubator makes it easy and results in high success rates even for an inexperienced hatcher. Only recommend Brinsea now to anyone I speak to.

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