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Brinsea Ovation 56 EX Incubator (Automatic)

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Brinsea is known to be innovators with regards to their incubators. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Brinsea released a new range of incubators the Ovation 56 and Ovation... Full Description

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Brinsea is known to be innovators with regards to their incubators. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Brinsea released a new range of incubators the Ovation 56 and Ovation 28. The Ovations are fitted with the latest in innovative incubator technology for an improved and more accurate incubation.

The Ovation 56 EX is a fully automatic incubator in which the airflow is second to none. It comes complete with a fully digital temperature & humidity display, automatic humidity control with its own built in pump and automatic egg turning. The egg turning is controlled via the digital display and can be set to turn at various intervals throughout the day. Eggs sit in egg baskets and the Ovation 56 comes with 8 egg baskets included.

Main Features.

  • Calibrated digital temperature display with a range of 20.0 – 40.0°C (68.0 – 104.0°F).
  • Digital display of temperature in °C or °F
  • Digital Humidity display with automatic humidity control (built in humidity pump)
  • Fully automatic egg turning with programmable turning interval
  • Abnormally high or low incubation temperature alarms
  • Room temperature alarm
  • Fan assisted airflow with Induced Dual Airflow system
  • Egg cooling feature
  • Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive
  • Ventilation control
  • Incubation capacity of 56 hen eggs, based on a standard sized hen egg. (7 eggs per egg basket, 8 standard egg baskets supplied as standard).

Egg Capacity 

Species  Capacity 
Hen  56 eggs / 8 standard egg baskets 
Quail  110 eggs / 5 large egg baskets (optional extra)
Duck  50 eggs / 8 standard egg baskets 
Goose  15 eggs / 5 large egg baskets (optional extra)

*Note: Egg capacities are an estimation provided by the manufacturer, they are based on their calculations, using ‘standard’ sized eggs. For further details please contact us.*


There are 3 different versions of the Brinsea Ovation 56 Incubator. The Ovation 56 Eco, Ovation 56 Advance and the Ovation 56 EX. All 3 models have different features, some have features other models don’t. The Ovation 56 EX is the highest spec incubator out of the three but not everyone needs everything the EX comes with.

Don’t know which model is best for you? Don’t know what the difference is between the models? Check out our comparison of the three models below!

Function / model  Ovation 56 ECO Ovation 56 Advance Ovation 56 EX
Digital Temperature Display
Digital Humidity Display  -
Humidity Control  Manual Manual Automatic
Automatic Egg Turning 
Egg Cooling  -
Temperature Alarms


Dimensions58.3cm L x 42.1cm W x 22.3cm H
Power ConsumptionMaximum 115 Watts - Typical 60 Watts
Power Supply230v, 50Hz, 0.5A Max
Humidty ControlAutomatic, Pump Included
Egg TurningAutomatic
Warranty3 Years +

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Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between the Brinsea Ovation 56 Eco, Advance and EX incubators?

The three Ovation 56 machines have different features. The Ovation 56 Eco has a digital temperature display and automatic egg turning. It’s the most basic version of the three.

The Ovation 56 Advance is the mid-spec machine. It has all the same features as the Eco, except the Advance has a digital humidity readout too.

The top of the range machine is the Ovation 56 EX which has every feature from the Eco and Advance models; digital temperature display, digital humidity display and automatic egg turning. But the EX version also has automatic humidity control with a built-in pumping system. Whereas, on the Eco and Advance models, humidity must be controlled manually by filling water troughs inside the machine.

What’s the difference between an Ovation 56 and Ovation 28?

The only difference between the two machines is the size and egg capacity. The Ovation 56 is a larger machine and holds up to 56 hen-sized eggs or equivalent. Whereas the Ovation 28 holds 28 hen-sized eggs or equivalent.

The Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Ovation 28 match the specifications of the Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Ovation 56. The only difference is the egg capacity.

What does the term ‘fully automatic’ mean? Does it mean automatic turning, automatic humidity control and automatic temperature control?

If you see the term ‘ automatic’ in the item name, for example, the “Rcom 20 Max Incubator (Automatic)” or in the description, such as, “the ovation 28 Advance is a fully automatic incubator”, it generally refers to the egg turning; meaning the egg turning is fully automatic. ‘Automatic’ or ‘fully automatic’ does not refer to the humidity control or temperature control.

All incubators include a built-in thermostat, even those that do not have a digital display. So, temperature is always controlled automatically.

What’s the difference between the Brinsea Ovation 56 EX and Rcom 50 models?

The first difference between the Ovation 56 EX and the Rcom 50 Max and Pro is the egg capacity. The Ovation 56 holds more eggs; up to 56 hen-sized eggs or equivalent. The Rcom 50 Max and Pro models can hold up to 50 hen-sized eggs, or equivalent.

The Ovation 56 EX, the Rcom 50 Max and the Rcom 50 Pro all have a humidity display and automatic humidity control. But, the type of control is different as the Ovation uses a pumping system whereas the Rcom 50 Max and Pro both use a heated water humidification unit instead, giving them more precise control.

Finally, the Rcom 50 Pro has a ‘species selector’ feature and specific settings for egg-turning; both of which are unavailable on the Ovation 56 EX.

How to set-up or replace the humidity pump tube.

Here's a video guide to setting-up or replacing the humidity pump tube on Brinsea Mini II, Maxi II or Ovation EX models.

Customer Reviews

Annette Rampley
Very Quick delivery and great incubator. First hatch completed very successfully. Good visibility and easy to clean. Very pleased
working perfect already used incubator to bring on 2 sets of chicks. more than happy with this product . keeps the humidity constant.
Great service from this company have bought several products in the past and the service is always excellent. Only just started using this incubator and seems good so far. Love the ease of the automatic humidity and prefer the turning system as not having to worry if eggs have turned properly. Great item, great service what more can you ask for
Jodie Mcphee
Very pleased with service and delivery was very reasonably timed, the product itself was exactly as advertised and works perfectly all round very happy
Simon Matthews
Just got the 56 egg Brinsea and its fantastic
Mrs Valerie Bowley
Delivered very promptly and works a treat. Good help setting it up.
Georgie Colless-Gent
What a brilliant piece of equipment! Works really well.
Ian Graham
Very prompt service, this is the 4th Ovation EX machine (now have 2x56 and 2x28 Incubators)simple easy to use with great hatches
Claudia Lingley
Purchased the incubator recently, outstanding quality, it is all up and running now with my turkey eggs in it. I would recommend this company to everyone who is looking to purchase an incubator.
Darren E Wolvey
First hatch was brillant, simple to use and does what it claims, the only downside is the lid cleaning it is fiddly but we are very happy
Katarzyna Mawlam
Very happy with the purchase. Delivered the next day!
Ann Heron
Received very quick also contacted customer services with quick reply
Sorin Dobre
Best incubator ever
Amobi Ogum
I wish I could give a 5+ review! From the delivery, I had a bit of a problem with the set-up, called and they were just too willing to help. Now I have my first set of chicks from this product running all around!
I can recommend this incubator, it’s excellent by doing its job. At the moment it was my first time to use the product. Maybe I could say something more next time. I will give the product 5 stars. Well done Brinsea.
Stevie chugg
Amazing customer service !! Arrived really quick and have had no problems at all . Have ordered 2 of these now they are great !
kate Chtistmas
This review is for the zonation 56 but I have 3 Brinsea incubators and this review would fit any of them....Mainly it's knowing that I am giving the eggs I want to hatch the best possible chance of making it through incubation. Once the program is set I don't have to worry....just make sure that the water is topped and check the display to check the temperature etc each day and let the brilliant Brinsea's do their job. +++ THE HELP AND AFTER SALES SERVICE IS OUTSTANDING.You won't be fobbed off with 'It maybe this or it could be thst'. The Brinsea team know their stuff and sort your problem . No if' but's or maybe' will be given the right help and advice asap....or sooner!!Which is so importent when you have eggs to hatch or hatching The best is all that's good enough at Brinsea. PS.One small suggestion.... Could you please light the display panel....I wear a head torch to check it each day.
Good choice of incubator, reliable. Have run 14 hatches in the last 12 months no problems.
Chris Buxton
There is no doubt that the service I recieved was excellent. So no problems there. The product arrived on time and everything was as it should be. The brinsea product range works but I always feel that it is a litle 'Heath Robinson' espoecially when it comes to the humidity control. The rotating armature used to draw up the water from a seperate bottle is crude to say the least - but in fairness; once you get it working (don't use too long a tube between the incubator and the water source), it does work. The advantage is that once the system is set up and stabilised, you don't need to touch it for 21 days when the hatch occurs. I use a large enough water bottle to last for the whole three weeks and all I have to do is check the temperature and humidity once in while - it is invariably fine. So all in all - a fairly good product that does what it claims. Not cheap... but it works. Maybe one day Brinsea will develop a more sophisticated humidity control - who knows... A pretty good product.
Glen McMahon
Good delivery time even though it was out of stock. Looks really smart. Easy to set up and keep temperature and humidity right. Looking forward to a great hatch rate.
R Headen
Excellent hatch first time using this model already had the 28 EX only downside was cleaning the screws holding the inner lid were very very tight as though they had been over tightened so only could give 4 stars

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