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Brinsea Maxi II Eco Incubator (Manual)

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The Brinsea Maxi II Eco is a brand-new manual turn incubator fresh off the production line! To celebrate Brinsea being 40 years old, they have released a new line of... Full Description

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The Brinsea Maxi II Eco is a brand-new manual turn incubator fresh off the production line! To celebrate Brinsea being 40 years old, they have released a new line of incubators starting with this one. It can hold up to 30 chicken eggs, it has fantastic airflow and is great for those who like to be involved with the incubation process. 

The temperature in this incubator is controlled by Brinsea’s extremely accurate electronic temperature control and can be manually adjusted using the turning screw on the top of the incubator. The correct incubation temperature of 37.5 degrees is what the incubator comes set as. You can measure the temperature by looking at the provided Liquid In Glass Thermometer.

 Main Features

  • Temperature measured by a Liquid In Glass Thermometer (included)
  • Manual Humidity control 
  • Manual egg turning
  • Fan assisted airflow
  • Protected by Biomaster Antimicrobial additive
  • Ventilation control
  • External water top-up
  • Incubator capacity 30 hen eggs & 90 quail eggs based on ‘standard sized’ eggs (no trays required, 1 hatching mat supplied)

To increase the humidity above natural levels, you can add water into the incubator via the external top up point which is on the side of the incubator. Once water is poured into here, it travels into the central reservoir and evaporates increasing the humidity levels.

The eggs in this incubator need to be turned by hand at least 3 times a day. They also need to be turned opposite ways each time starting with clockwise and then anti-clockwise and so on. It is recommended to put a cross on one side and a circle on the other so you know that all eggs have been turned.


Don’t know what incubator is right for you? Too many models to choose from and don’t know the difference between them. See our comparison below between the three different Maxi II incubators. 

Function / Model name  Brinsea Maxi II ECO Brinsea Maxi II Advance  Brinsea Maxi II EX
Digital temperature display  -
Digital Humidity display  - -
Egg turning  Manual  Automatic  Automatic
Adjustable turning angle & interval  -
Humidity control  Manual  Manual Automatic
Egg cooling feature  -
Countdown to hatch  - -
Incubator & Room temperature alarms  -
Egg capacity  30 hen eggs / 90 quail eggs (no trays required) 14 hen eggs (standard egg disk supplied) & 40 quail eggs (Small egg tray available to purchase separately)

14 hen eggs & 40 quail eggs (standard & small egg tray supplied)


Dimensions35.4cm L x 35.4cm W x 16.5cm H
Power ConsumptionMaximum 40 Watts - Typical 24 Watts
Power Supply230v, 50Hz, 0.5A Max
Humidty ControlManual
Egg TurningManual
Warranty3 Years +

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Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between the Brinsea Maxi II Eco, Advance and EX incubators?

The Maxi II Eco is the most basic machine, it uses a liquid in glass thermometer for the temperature reading (there is no humidity display) and egg-turning needs to be performed by hand. You need to turn the eggs 3-4 times a day. Whereas the Maxi II Advance and EX versions have a digital display for the temperature and humidity, as well as automatic egg turning.

In addition to the Maxi II Advance features, the Maxi II EX has automatic humidity control which draws water into the incubator automatically as its needed, accurately maintaining the humidity at the desired level.

What’s the difference between Maxi II and Mini II incubators?

The only difference between the two machines is the size and egg capacity. The Maxi II is the larger machine and holds up to 14 hen sized eggs or equivalent whereas the Mini II holds up to 7 hen sized eggs or equivalent.

The Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Maxi II match the specifications of the Eco, Advance and EX versions of the Mini II. The only difference is the egg capacity.

What’s the difference between manual, semi-automatic and automatic turning incubators?

In a ‘manual’ incubator, eggs must be turned ‘manually’, meaning you must turn each egg by hand usually around 3-4 times a day.

Automatic incubators will automatically turn the eggs for you. On some automatic machines, you can set the timings of the turns, as well as the duration or angle of the turn. This can be important if you’re incubating specialist birds such as falcons or exotic birds.

Semi-automatic incubators don’t require you to turn each egg by hand, but equally there is no motor to turn them for you either. So, normally semi-automatic machines have a handle or lever that you push and pull to roll or rock all the eggs at the same time. Or, some incubators have specially shaped bases that allow you to tilt the entire machine back and forth.

Please note that ‘manual’ and ‘automatic’, when used in the item name, only refers to the egg turning type. It does not relate to the humidity control or to any other feature.


Customer Reviews

Kirsty Broens
I would strongly advise anyone who is thinking of incubating own hens' eggs or buying online to use Brinsea as feel it would give one of the best outcomes and is far less stressful, in my experience, than using a non-branded incubator especially! Fantastic customer service and A1 delivery. Thank you very much TheIncubatorShop!!
Amy singleton
Absolutely delivery.exactly as described.great communication and will be ordering all my chickades stuff from here. Thankyou and thankyou for continuing to work through this situation to such a high standard.
Ordered a brinsea maxi II eco on the friday and it was on my door step monday morning, excellent service and quick response to emails, highly recommend ordering from here. Incubator is perfect for what I wanted aswell easy to set up and use, had to change temperature slightly but still simple to do
Helen Markey
All round EXCELLENT service and product...definitely recommend
Ros Heath
I ordered at 13.59 on Friday and it was delivered at 14.08 on Saturday! The incubator was for the husband, he says it is great but temperature adjustment screw is very small and difficult to access, otherwise no issues.
Laurel Rotabi
holds so many eggs, hatch rates have been excellent, highly recommended
Lisa Armstrong
Great incubator, I have had the smaller one for 12 years now, never have a problem at all, Hatched chickens pheasants and even managed peachicks succesfully, would highly recommend these manual ones, all chicks healthy, never failed once, I have now purchased this Larger one which is doing the Exact job (I prefer using the manual ones for various reasons)
Very impressed with the incubator shop - prices/delivery and communication. Ordered on the Weds and it had arrived (with an hour time slot for delivery) on the Thurs. Was also given COVID instructions. Reassuring. On the Brinsea model - looks/feels more professional than a cheap one we brought on Ebay from China. Pekin eggs fit perfectly. 5/5 so far
My 2nd incubator order from the incubator shop as needed a bigger one now using both amazing company next day delivery both incubators rcom and brinsea are amazing really happy will Definitely buy from and have recommended a few times when asked where I got mine from nothing but nice things to say about the incubator shop!
Mathew Plumb
This machine has literally sat idle a handful of days since I bought it in March. Paid for itself on the first hatch, and has seen me into establishing a small business breeding rare breed poultry. Reliable and simple, it has surpassed expectation. Very happy with it.
Great company, fast turnaround, excellent communication, eggs were in and developing within 24 hours of ordering, amazing!
Great incubator for starting out, I've had good hatch rates with just following the manual online and default settings needed for chicks. Just be ready with your brooder as I've had good hatch rates on expected time for last few runs. The second run I used cooling cycle settings and they all come out a day over expected date.
Clare Emerson
We just hatched 2 random eggs as a trial run before buying a clutch. Worked a treat and we could easily see the chicks hatching yesterday. It is quite noisy, we've just turned it off and the lack of noise is bliss! And of course you have to turn the eggs yourself. But our first incubator failed miserably, so we are very pleased with this one.
Debby Earle.
It would be better if the hatching mat was more textured so the eggs would stay in position when they are turned. Could you impress concentric circles on the mats. I,ll let you know how hatching goes !!?,

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