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Rcom 50 DO - PRO Digital Incubator (Automatic)

Product Code: 1622 Manufacturer ID. PX-50 DO
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The NEW Rcom 50 DO (PRO) digital incubator builds on the technology of the RCOM PRO 50 - one of the most accurate incubators around. While it shares many of the features with... Full Description

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The NEW Rcom 50 DO (PRO) digital incubator builds on the technology of the RCOM PRO 50 - one of the most accurate incubators around. While it shares many of the features with the PRO (inc. Artificial Intelligence mode for species selection), the Rcom 50 DO offers breeders and enthusiasts alike an improved experience (for ease of use and efficiency) with five new innovations:

Jog Dial Button: select all options with ease with this dial button, complete with LED ambient light display, indicating by colour, the current stage of incubation as well as the machine’s current status: (blinking) Blue: before/at end of incubation period. White: start/early/middle incubation stages. Yellow: final hatch stage (blinking) Red: abnormal occurrence/ alarms. Green: other settings

Integrated Egg candler:  with an Rcom standard egg candler feature in the Rcom 50 DO’s main body, there’s no need to use a separate egg candler.

‘Cooling control cycle’ setup function: This feature simulates a more natural incubation and hatching environment by imitating the periods of time when a ‘mother’ leaves the nest to feed. Cooling periods can be selected and set tailored for the species being incubated.

Main Body Drying mode:  After hatching, the drying mode quickly evaporates any remaining moisture in the incubator - reduces both cleaning time and the worry about odour or mould developing within the machine.

Built-in control box : The upgraded built-in control box enables easy replacement and convenient maintenance.

Like the Rcom 50, the Rcom 50 DO (PRO) is a straightforward user-friendly machine: fully automatic, with a full digital temperature, humidity and egg turning control.

Other Main Features

  • Calibrated LCD digital temperature and humidity display (temp. range 20°C – 42°C)
  • Display of temperature in °C or °F
  • Automatic egg turning with adjustable turning angle (up to 360°) and turning interval
  • Automatic humidity control with built-in Antiblastic humidification unit *to discourage bacterial growth (humidity range 30-70%)
  • Built-in Automatic Artificial Intelligence mode* with species selector.
  • Outer temperature sensor for automatic adjustment of heating rate in response to the room temperature
  • Optimum air circulation with 5 BLDC fans with an air vent for adjusting air supply
  • Enhanced reliability with Swiss’s Sensirion’s 3rd generation temperature & humidity sensor
  • Water empty indication alarm
  • Abnormal temperature & power failure alarm
  • Has the capacity to fit 48 hen eggs, 116 quail eggs and 24 goose eggs, all based on ‘standard’ sized eggs - the machine is supplied with 3 different sized trays; small(quail), medium(hen) & large(goose).

*The Automatic Artificial Intelligence mode lets the user select from a range of species in the Rcom 50's menu. The incubator then automatically adjusts to the best settings for that species, ensuring optimum temperature, humidity and egg turning. Species include Chicken, duck quail, pheasant, peafowl, goose, wild goose, golden pheasant and turkey. This mode will also automatically on the last 3 days of incubation turn the egg turning off and increase the humidity up to the required percentage for hatching. Alternatively, "Manual mode" allows you to pick your own settings to suit any other bird.

* Your Rcom 50 DO (PRO) has an in-built water reservoir and increases humidity automatically to your precise settings. Water is heated inside the machine by an antiblastic humidification method which discourages antibacterial growth. The Rcom 20 DO (PRO) also features a low-water alarm to alert the user to low water levels.


In the Rcom 50 DO range, you have the PRO and the MAX. These incubators  - as their names suggest - are a slightly different machine offering slightly different features. Choosing the right model to suit your requirements is important, and can be a bit of a puzzle. Don't worry. 

Don’t know which one is best for you? Don’t know what the difference is between the models? Check out our comparison below! 

Feature / Model name  Rcom 20 DO (PRO) Rcom 20 DO (MAX)
 Digital temperature & Humidity display
Display of temperature in °C or °F
Humidity control Automatic Automatic
Automatic egg turning 
Adjustable turning interval
Adjustable turning angle  -
Jog Dial selector with Membrane Button
Automatic Artificial Intelligence mode with species selector -
Animated display  -
LED light incubator status/phase indicators
Integrated Egg Candler 
External temperature sensor
Egg Cooling Control feature
Water empty indication alarm 
Main Body drying feature
Display type LCD/FND LCD/FND
Abnormal temperature alarm 
Power failure alarm
Hen egg capacity  48 eggs/Medium egg tray (supplied) 46-48 eggs/Universal egg tray (supplied)
Quail egg capacity  116 eggs/Small egg tray (supplied) 114-116 eggs/Universal egg tray (supplied)
Goose egg capacity  24 eggs/Large egg tray (supplied) 22-24 eggs/Universal egg tray (supplied)

*Note: Egg capacities are an estimation provided by the manufacturer, they are based on their calculations, using ‘standard’ sized eggs. For further details please contact us.*


Dimensions63cm x 52cm x 17cm high
Power ConsumptionMaximum 120 Watts - Typical 65 Watts
Power Supply220~240v, 50/60Hz
Humidty ControlAutomatic, Pump Included
Egg TurningAutomatic
Warranty2 Years +

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Questions & Answers

What is the difference between the Rcom 50 DO Pro incubator and the Rcom 50 Pro incubator?

These machines are very similar. Both have digital displays, automatic egg turning, automatic humidity control and hold the same number of eggs. Both incubators are designed for breeding falcons or exotic birds. These are typically more difficult to hatch and often require specific settings.

The Rcom 50 DO – Pro, like the Rcom 50 Pro, still has a specialised program that includes a species selector. From the species selector, you can select your desired species and the machine will automatically adjust to the recommended settings for that species. But on the DO it is much more advanced with the LED ambient light display indicating by colour the current stage of incubation as well as the machine’s current status.

Another difference is the Rcom 50 DO is operated using a jog dial and membrane buttons rather than just membrane buttons like on the Rcom 20 Pro. This allows you to select and change all options with ease.
The last difference is the Rcom 50 DO’s come with a built-in fully integrated candler. Meaning there is no need for a separate battery-powered candler.

Customer Reviews

A great incubator from a great supplier. An absolute pleasure to use, only wish I'd bought one years ago!

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