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Can I hatch in my incubator ?

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The simple answer is yes and no... Full Description


The simple answer is yes and no.

Some, nearly all manufacturers advise against hatching in your incubator and some even say if you do hatch in your incuabtor it will void the warranty buy also advise how to hatch in the incubator and a lot of experienced breeds say not to and some say there is no better way then to hatch in the incubator. Is hatching in your incubator a good or bad idea is a very divided opinion. 

Here is why, hatching in your incubator can cause issues and stop the incubator from performing at its best. There is also that you must clean your incubator thoroughly after each hatch or risk bacteria being left over from the previous hatch which could jeopardize the next hatch. It’s easier to use a hatcher as you don’t have to clean the incubator before you set more eggs you have 18 days to ensure your hatcher is clean before the next lot are ready to hatch.

However, nearly all breeders, whether they be beginners, hobbyist or breeders will hatch in their incubator and it is fine to do so if you look after the incubator. Ensure you keep up with the maintenance, you can hatch in your incubator without it causing any harm and the biggest thing is cleaning your incubator.

After each hatch it is so important you clean the incubator removing all eggshell and hatching debris, cleaning the fans to ensure they are clear of chick down and disinfecting the incubator before your next hatch. If you do not remove the hatching debris and disinfect the incubator you could be exposing your next batch of eggs to bacteria that may cause harm to the embryo. It is also important toclean the fans and sensors. If the fans are clogged up with chick down this can affect the air circulation and therefore the temperature. The same with the sensor or any other parts which are exposed like in the Rcom incubators, once covered is down it can affect the accuracy of the reading. 

One of the biggest things we see to cause incubators to fail whether it be old or new incubator is them not being looked after, not being sorted in a cool and dry place, not being cleaned properly after each hatch and usingtap, water instead of distilled or deionised water. 

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