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Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs

If you’re ready to begin hatching eggs, simply make a list of the hatching eggs you require and choose your area below. Our hatching eggs page provides a full list of breeders; ready to sell chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs and many other breeds of bird eggs.


Simply click on your area from the list below to get searching for your hatching eggs…

Hatching Egg
A Hatching Egg is no ordinary bird egg; a hatching egg is an egg that has been fertilised during the mating process of the male and female bird. Within the hatching egg, the male and female cells have combined to form an embryo. The embryo will remain dormant within the hatching egg for up to seven days before egg incubation commences.

Eggs Hatching

If you want to see eggs hatching in your incubator, this is the page for you. Seeing your eggs hatching is a truly rewarding experience; it can be both educational and truly mystifying to watch. Eggs hatching in incubators all across the UK owe their success to both Mother Nature and the work of outstanding breeders such as the ones that are listed on this page.


If you would like to sell your fertile hatching eggs here (only £12 per year!!!), please contact us at hatchingeggs@theincubatorshop.co.uk or place your advert now.


If you're in Scotland and want to see eggs hatching this year, The Incubator Shop's "Hatching Eggs" page is where you need to be. Most of the bird eggs for sale here are chicken eggs and duck eggs. However, there are plenty of hatching eggs for sale in Scotland on this page, so take a look...

Ballencrieff Mains Poultry
George Ogilvie
East Lothian, Scotland. Tel. 07971 607034 or 01875 870238
Pure bred Rhode Island Reds and Light Sussex
Point-of-lay hybrid hens: Rhode Rock, Pied Suffolk, Mendelsham Blue.
Breeds vary throughout the year. Live birds only. No hatching eggs.

Doune Traditional & Rare Breed Poultry
John and Sarah Burrows
pms, Stirling. Tel. 01786 842788
Scots dumpy, several colours of Wyandotte, Cream Legbars, Croad Langshan, Rhode Island Reds, Light Sussex and Welsummers.
From Hatching eggs to Point of Lay.
Email: wackwack1@btinternet.com

Fife, Scotland. Tel. 01334 870637 or 07942 004487

Pure breeds and Fertile Eggs: Welsummers, Leghorns (White & Exchequer), Cream Legbars, Indian Game, Maran, Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Bantams, Buff Orpingtons.
Also fertile duck eggs and goose eggs for sale!
All prices are available on request. Visit the website for more details.
Email: scott.dron@tiscali.co.uk
Web: www.henkeepingfife.co.uk

Pekin Paradise
John and Heather Hunter
Gretna Green, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Tel. 07510 159 812

Various colours available including: White, Lavender and Colombian
Will supply Hatching Eggs for collection or can be posted.
Also available are Pekin Chicks from 8 Weeks Old to Point Of Lay.
We also have a range of hybrid layers for sale from 8 Weeks Old to Point Of Lay.

Please call for any other information or advice, you can also E-mail us on jhpekinparadise@gmail.com

A&D Poultry
Caithness, Scotland. Tel. 07863 291433
Hatching Eggs and point Of lay pullets: Rhode Island Reds, Marans, Black Rock, Wyandottes, Leghorn. All lovely birds.
Also duck eggs and point of lay, Khaki Campbell and Cherry Valley Ducks

AK Poultry
Aberdeenshire. Tel. 07789 744101
Light and Silver Sussex, Marans, Leghorn, Blubelle, Blackrock, Hy-line, Welsummer, Buff Orpington, Wyandotte, White and Gold Silkie.
Ducks: Cherry Valley, Khaki Campbell, Aylesbury, Black Runner
Turkeys, Geese and Quail all available
Starter packs available

Geese, Ducks, Turkeys and more

Ben Reay Birds
Tel. 01863 766275
Silver Sebright, Silver Partridge Pekin, White Crested Black Poland, White Silkie, White Pheasant, White and Black Talied Japanese Bantam, Black Rosecomb, White Fantail Dove, White Peafowl.
Hatching Eggs available

Coulson Poultry
Tel. 01346 532748 / 07929 505399, Strichen
Pure Breeds. Barnevelder, Dorking (Silver Grey), Lakenvelder, Legbar (Cream), Marans, Marsh Daisy, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Rhode Island Red, Scots Grey, Sussex (Buff, Light, Speckled), Vorwerk, Welsummer & more. Various Ducks. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay sometimes available. Embden Goslings (Female). Lohman Browns (3 for £10)

Gibb of Galston
Tel. 01563 820233, Ayrshire.
Range of poultry breeds at Point of Lay always available.

Mr Mick G Grogan
Tel. 01847 841242, Caithness
Barnevelder, Marans: Cuckoo, Wheaten, Copper Black, Copper Blue. Cream Legbar, Barred Plymouth Rock, Welsummer, Welsummer Silver Duckwing.

Mrs Clair Hepburn
Tel. 01856 861246, Orkney Isles, KW17 2QT
Tel. 01856 861382, Orkney Isles, SW17 2QS
Agents for Black Rock Pullets. Day-Old and Point of Lay. Day-Old Broiler chicks and Turkey poults also available

MacTavish and Jenkins Poultry and Pheasants
Tel. 01301 702239, Argyll.
Breeders and exhibitors of White, Black, Blue Pekins; White, Blue and Black Silkie Bantams; Silver Sebrights, Black Minorca Bantams, Black and Off Colour Old English Game, Andalusian Bantams, White Crested Black Poland Bantams and Ornamental Pheasants. Young Birds and Hatching Eggs for sale, will meet at shows.

A McIntyre
Tel. 01292 591266, Ayr.
Black Rock Agent

Paula's Poultry
Tel. 01835 864677, Jedburgh, South Borders
Point of Lay Hybrids, Bovans Goldline and Amber Links. Occasionally Heritage Skylines. Feed Available by arrangement.

The Saughs Poultry
Tel. 01786 478285 / 07762 211441, Stirling
Lavender Araucanas, Silkies, Black Leghorns, French Marans; Copper Black, Copper Blue and Splash. Light Sussex Bantams and Silkie Cross Broodies. Khaki Campbell Ducks, Guinea Fowl and more. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay.

Settie Farm Poultry
Tel. 01786 870428, Stirlingshire
Speckled Sussex, Light Sussex, Bluebell, Columbian Blacktail, Black Rock. Other Breeds often Available. Variety of Ducks

Need an egg incubator? See our full list of incubators for hatching eggs.

Cumbria and North East...

Where can I buy hatching eggs in Cumbria? ...A very popular question for breeders of chickens and other poultry in the Cumbria and North East region of the country. If you want to hatch chicken eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs or duck eggs, we're confident you'll find the hatching eggs you need below. Just take a look...

Durham Hens
Near Tow Law, County Durham
We sell Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Growers and Point of Lay Pullets
We also sell Hen Houses, Poultry Equipment and Supplies
Hatching Eggs available in Spring and Summer:
Large Fowl: Barnevelder (Double Laced), Cream Legbar, Leghorn (Exchequer)
Bantams: Araucana (Lavender), Orpington (Chocolate and Black), Wyandotte (Black and Silver Laced)
Tel: 01388 731131
E-Mail: info@durhamhens.co.uk
Website: www.durhamhens.co.uk

J R Park
Broughton in Furness, Cumbria.
A large variety of hatching eggs for sale, as well as growers and point of lay pullets.
Large Fowl: Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns in a variety of colours (Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Mottled, Buff, Lavender, Blue and Chocolate), Sussex (light and speckled), Orpingtons (Blue and Red), Blue-Laced Wyandotte and White Silkies.
Bantams: Brown Leghorns. Wyandottes (Chocolate, Partridge, Pencilled). Buff Rock Bantams and Chocolate Orpingtons.
Our hatching eggs for sale are available for delivery in the post or collection by arrangement. Call or email John for more information.
Tel: 07990 696561
Email: fairviewpoultry@yahoo.co.uk

Just Australorps
Tel. 07841 593865
E-Mail -australorppoultry@live.co.uk
Twitter - Australorp Poultry @ AustralorpsUK
We have for sale hatching eggs from our show winning Large Black Australorps, Black Bantam Australorps and our White Bantam Australorps. Our Birds are winners this year at National and Championship level. We occasionally have Birds for Sale

Blyth Pure Breeds
Tel. 01670 365370 / 07930 657637.
Cochins, Dorkings, Frizzles, Orpingtons and Sultans. Other Pure breeds available from time to time. Hatching Eggs and livestock prices on request.

Brooms Lea Poultry
Tel. 01207 592596
Breeders of; Blue, Splash and Buff Orpingtons, Cream Legbars, Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Cuckoo Marans, Wheaten Marans, Lavender and Bklue Araucanas, White Wyandotte Bantams, Millefleur Barbu D'Anvers, Pekins, Khaki Campbell Ducks. Hatching Eggs, Day Old to Point of Lay. Other breeds available from time to time.

Causey Poultry
Tel. 01207 235784, Durham
Various Bantams including Ancona, Silkies (4 Colours) Buff Orpington, Light Sussex, Welsummer and Wyandotte. Other breeds sometimes available. Hatching Eggs, Young Stock and Adults

Ghyllhead Birds
Tel. 01900 815165, Cumbria
Youngstock and Adults, Hatching Eggs Posted. Large Fowl - Orpington (6 Colours) French Copper Marans, Cream Legbar, Welsummer, Jersey Giant (4 Colours) Vorwerk, Barnevelder, Marsh Daisy, Salmon Faverolles, Speckled Sussex, Transylvanian Naked Neck. Bantams - Silkie (5 Colours) Pekins, Sablepoots, Welsummers. Ducks - Calls, Indian Runner, Abacot Ranger, Magpie, Saxony, Black East Indian, Miniture Silver Appleyard, Campbells, German Pekin. Geese, Peacocks, Golden Pheasants, White Garden Fantails and Rhea.

Helen's Pure Breed Poultry
Tel. 07793 128123, Northumberland
Large Fowl - Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben and Blue Orpingtons. Bantam: Quail Belgian D'Anvers, Partridge Pekins, Porcelain and Lemon Millefleur Booted Bantams.

Hobby Hatchers
Tel. 07772 263707, Cumbria
Large Fowl: Jersey Giants, Buff Orpington, Silkies, Silkie Crosses. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay. Otherbreeds occasionally. Also Hatching/Brooding service

P Jackson
Tel. 01900 824585, Cumbria
Hatching Eggs only; French Marans, Marans. Very Dark Strain

Poultry Matter
Tel. 01697 478621 / 07783 074533, Wigton, Cumbria
Large Fowl: Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Marans and Silver Laced Wyandottes. Also dominant CZ Point of Lay pullets in four colours - Blue, Sussex, Black and Barred

West Cumbria Poultry
Tel. 01539 530084 / 07981 940020, Ulverston
Point of Lay Warrens, Marans, Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red. Chocolate, Partridge, Gold Wyandottes, Silkies, Pekins, Lemon Millefleur, Buff Orpingtons. Magpie and White Call Ducks. Large Ducks, Geese, Turkeys. Hatching Eggs.


Now you have you hatching eggs, see here for our full list of egg incubators.


Hatching eggs in Yorkshire are becoming extremely popular, so if you want to see an egg hatching this year, just place some fertile hatching eggs from one of our chicken breeders below into an egg incubator - you'll soon be hatching eggs!

The Rainbow Egg Company Ltd
West Yorkshire

Producers of a wide range of pure, cross breed and hybrid hatching eggs.
Specialists in our large fowl trademarked rainbow eggs®.
Egg colours ranging from white, cream, pink, plum, green, olive, khaki, blue, speckled, tinted, brown, chocolate etc.

We also supply purebreed hatching eggs including Welsummer, Marans, Araucana, Cream Legbar, Leghorn, Bantam silkie, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Speckled Sussex and others. We can supply sex linked and autosexing hatching eggs.

We also supply geese, Turkey, pheasant, quail, and duck eggs.

Specialist supply to educational establishments and hatching for schools programmes as well as domestic customers. We can ship our eggs if required.

Contact us in the following ways :

Email : info@therainboweggcompany.co.uk
Tel : 07904630649 / 01535648366
Facebook : The Rainbow Egg Company
Ebay : Rainboweggcompany
Twitter : @EmmaRainbowEgg

The Old Dairy

The Old Dairy, Grange Lane, Acomb, YO23 3QZ.

Telephone: Jackie (01904-786063/07756-492842); Jill & Steve (01904-786995/07852-177028/07958-914575).

We have a large variety of fertile hatching eggs! Please order eggs prior to collection.

We have the following varieties: Cream Legbar (blue egg), Rhode Island Red (mid-brown), Coppen Maran and Cuckoo Maran (dark brown eggs), Light Sussex x Rhode Island Red eggs (light brown).

Eggs for collection only - £1 per egg.

Email: Jackie.olddairy@yahoo.co.uk



Brough, East Yorkshire. Tel: 07710 377032

Rare breed hatching eggs, all from National and regional show winning stock available in small quantities.

Large Fowl: Blue, and silver laced wyandottes, Shetland Fowl, Wheaten French Marans, Blue Red Araucana

Bantams: Modern Game, Black Red, Wheaten, Pile, Birchen, Brown Red, Silver Duckwing, Lemon Blue. (six of one variety when available or mixed selection as layed) Sumatra Game, black, white

Eggs available on eBay! See member: paddyh2005

Email: Paddy.hall@dial.pipex.com
Website: www.paddyspoultry.co.uk


Holmefield Poultry
Nr. Hornsea, East Yorkshire.
Tel: 01964 536742 | Mob: 07917 646935

Large Fowl: Buff Orpingtons (from Federation winning birds!)

Bantams: Blue Orpingtons, Black Orpingtons, Gold Laced Orpingtons, Pekins & Gold Dutch.

All birds are show-quality!

Hatching eggs, chicks and point of lay birds available. Postage available for small extra cost.

Call James at Holmefield Orpingtons today!



Asselby Chucks
Howden, East Yorkshire. Tel: 01757 638191
Large Fowl, Orpingtons, Faverolles, Araucanas, Brahma.
Speckled Sussex, Shetland, Legbar, Peafowl.
Guinea Fowl, Runner Ducks, Khaki Cambels.
Hatching Eggs and chicks to POL also Hybrids available.
Email: keith.huggins@tesco.net
Website: www.asselbychucks.webs.com

East Yorkshire Poultry
Tel. 01262 602671, Bridlington.
Blue australorps, Silver and Gold Laced Wyandottes, Large Fowl. Lavender Pekins, Salmon Faverolles. Buff, Black and Blue Orpingtons. Araucanas, Well summers and many more. Hatching Eggs.

Susan Bray-Hinchcliffe
Tel. 01484 851569, West Yorkshire
Call Ducks for Pets

Foxy Chickens
Brough, East Yorkshire

Quality, healthy poultry rare breed and hybrids. Breeds include: Araucana, Brahma (red and lemon pyle), Orpington (black blue and splash), Appenzeller,  Silkie (white), Bantam Leghorns (black, white and lavender), Crested Cream Legbar, Polish (gold laced, chamois, white crested blue & black), wyandottes.
Hybrids: Bluebelle, white sussex, black rock and isa brown. Many more breeds available.

Contact Karl:
Email: jupiter2@live.co.uk
Phone: 07539636274
Please check out our website:- www.foxychickens.blogspot.com
Foxy Chickens is DEFRA registered
Hatching eggs, chicks, pullets and POL.

Jayne Gillam
Tel. 01943 830923, Ilkley, West Yorkshire
Malaysian Serama Bantams. Large Fowl: Speckled Sussex, Red Mottled Leghorns, Spangled and Mahogany Russian Orloff. Hatching Eggs in season and youngstock sometimes available

NS Hens
Tel. 01405 948421 / 07880 553283, Yorkshire
Poland, Legbar, Linc Redcap, Marans (Cuckoo, Black, Copper Blue)Lavender Araucana, Oxford Game, Barbu D'Anvers, Hamburgh, Orpington (Blue Splash, Chocolate, Black) Brahmas, Sablepoot and more

Pat's Pekins
Tel. 01302 852306 (After 6pm), Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Pekins, various colours. Light Sussex Bantams

Barbara Quinn
Tel. 01845 577300 - National and Federation Show Winner 2009
Chocolate Orpingtons, Large and Bantam Buff Orpingtons, Large Black, Blue and Splash Orpingtons, White Orpington Bantams, Silkies, Frizzles, Pekins, Welsummers, Araucanas, Chamois and White Polands and Belgium Bantams. Campbell Ducks and other breeds available. Hatching Eggs, Chicks also available

WLM Poultry
Tel. 07967 343006 / 07777 694850, South Yorkshire
Pure Breeds. Ixworth, Silver Grey Dorkings, Jersey Giant, Shamo, Welsummer, Cuckoo Marans. Saxony and Silver Appleyard Ducks. Turkeys. Hatching Eggs, Young Stock.

Wersel Green rare Breed Poultry
Tel. 01535 633376, Skipton, North Yorkshire
Young Stock and Hatching Eggs. Owlbeards; Moorheads, White and Golden; Brabanter, Half Moon Spangled, Golden Black, Yellow White; Schinjndelaars, White; Yokohama, Red-Saddled White, Large Fowl and Bantam; La Fleche, Black; Lincolnshire Buff; Light Sussex

Click here to find the ideal egg incubator.


Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside...

Cheshire Poultry

Tel: 07597 629 678








All eggs are priced per box of 6. Postage by Royal Mail 1st Class £5.50.

We also have Day Old Chicks, Growers, POL, Cockerels, Trios of all the breeds above.

Email: steve@cheshirepoultry.co.uk
Website: www.cheshirepoultry.co.uk

Lothlorien Poultry
Llanarmon-yn-Ial, Denbighshire. Tel 07801 246007 or 01824 780078.

We specialise in Large pure bred utility poultry & old fashioned sex-linked crosses. We also keep a few exhibition quality breeds. Hatching eggs are our speciality and we offer the following breeds:

Pure Large Utility Fowl

Our birds originate from some of the oldest flocks in the country , having been kept in the same families for many generations. Whilst maintaining the pure breed looks , emphasis has also been focussed on egg laying ability . Many of these bids will lay more that 250 eggs a year under the right conditions. Breeds we keep are Light Sussex , White Sussex , Rhode Island Reds , Rhode Island Whites , New Hampshire Reds , Barred Plymouth Rocks & Buff Leghorns ( All large Fowl)

Exhibition Fowl

These birds are top quality exhibition birds kept more for pleasure than eggs although they lay surprisingly well. Breeds we keep are Buff Plymouth Rocks & Silver Laced Wyandottes ( All large Fowl)

Sex- Linked Crosses

Before the advent of modern hybrids , sex-linked crosses between pure utility flocks enabled the discerning poultry keeper to sex by down colour at day old . We have resurrected many of these old crosses using our top quality utility flocks enabling you to sex your pullets as soon as they hatch. The result is fantastic laying fowl laying over 250 eggs per year . They are hardy birds full of hybrid vigour. Crosses we keep are Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red x Rhode Island White, New Hampshire Red x Light Sussex, Buff Plymouth Rock x Light Sussex & Buff Leghorn . We also produce Goldtop broodies by crossing Large Gold Silkies x bantam Light Sussex

Hatching eggs posted nationwide in secure polystyrene shells. As of 2nd April postal charges for 1st class recorded ( normally 1 to 2 days) are £5.50 for 6 eggs & £6.50 for 12 eggs 1st Class recorded. Special Delivery for next day & personal collection also available.

We have a replacement egg policy in place and will replace clear eggs after 10th day of setting FOC

Our birds are all kept in large grass paddocks with a ratio of 12 hens to 4 cocks

We also welcome personal collection which is also an opportunity to view our breeding stock

We also have Day Old Chicks & Growers of all the above

We are Defra & Trading Standards registered

Email: lothlorienpoultry@btinternet.com

Cass's Chucks
Tel. 01706 812710 / 07960 889860, Todmordon Lancashire
Hatching Eggs for Rheas
Rhea chicks also available
Large Fowl - Rhode Island Reds, Welsummer, Vorwerk
Bantams - Partridge Wyandottes, Sebrights
Ornamental Pheasants, Guinea Fowl and Muscovy Ducks

Oldfield Poultry
Chester, Cheshire. Tel. 07775 994050
Many varieties of quail including chinsese quail.
Call Dave for hatching eggs and more.

Pear Tree Poultry
Preston, Lancashire. Tel 07971 512034.
Over 60 breeds/colours of hatching eggs for collection or post!
Many rare breeds : Appenzellers: Gold, Silver, Blue, Black, Chamois, Bantams - Thuringian, Ancona, Vorwerk, Hamburg: Silver & Gold, Sussex : Light, Buff, Speckled, Silver, Polish : Chamois, SIlver, Gold, Cuckoo, White, White Crested Black, Tolbunt, Silkies : White, Blue, Black, Gold, Red, Cuckoo, Chocolate, Sicilian Buttercup, RIR, Faverolle: Salmon & White, Silver Dorking large fowl.

Pilling Poultry
Preston, Lancashire. Tel 07989 133658 / 01253 799117.
Chicks for Sale! Many different breeds: Bantams to Jersey Giants.
If you're looking for Orpingtons for sale, look no further. We specialise in Orpingtons.
Black and Bronze Turkey Poults are also available.
Email: info@chicksforsale.co.uk
Website: www.chicksforsale.co.uk

Riverside Roost
North Wales, Nr. Cheshire. Tel. 07841 431767
Hatching Eggs for collection or post. Many breeds available.
Will supply Light Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Anconas, Araucanas, Barred Plymouth Rock, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Welsummers and more.
Duck eggs are also for sale: Call Ducks and Aylesbury Ducks.
Call or visit Steve for chicken and duck hatching eggs, poultry supplies and much more.
Email: info@riversideroost.co.uk
Website: www.riversideroost.co.uk

Emlyn Jones
Tel. 01704 560227, Merseyside.
Miniature Silver Appleyard Ducks/Drakes

Julie's Poultry
Tel. 01942 261810, Lancashire
Buff Orpingtons, Polish, Cotswold Legbars, Pekins. Quail and Ducks, other breeds. Chicks to Point of Lay

Tel. 01477 500491, Chesire (Near Junction 17 of M6)
Black East Indies Ducks, Calls, Muscovies and Runners including Chocolate. Guinea Fowl, Frizzled Pekins and some other Chickens. Hatching Eggs and young stock

Pimlotts Poultry
Tel. 01772 814931, Lancashire
Exhibition Australorps, Faverolles and Croad Langshan bantams. Selection of laying hens (vaccinated), all year. Help and advice given

Need an egg incubator? See our full list of incubators for hatching eggs.


West Midlands...

Tew Poultry & Quails
Dudley. Tel. 01384 866037 or 07702225280
West Bromwich. Tel. 0121 525 4962 or 07702225226

Bantams: Old English Game (Black-red /Wheaton, Silver Duckwing, Furnace & Polecat) £7.50. Malaysian Seramas a&Bs £8.50. Barbu d’Anvers (Lavender) £8.50. Frizzle bantams £6.00. Miniature Black Silkies £8.50. Pekins (Lavender, Cuckoo, Lavender Splash, Black, Gold Partridge & Lemon Cuckoo) £5.50. Dutch (lavender & silver-blue) £8.50. Friesian fowl, £6.00. Gold Pencilled Hamburgs £6.00. Polish (white crested black) £8.50. Plymouth buff rocks £5.00. Light Sussex £5.00. Wyandottes (buff laced, silver laced, partridge, white, blue laced and chocolate) £8.50. Marans £6.00.
Large Fowl: Crested Cream Legbars £7.50. Red Silkies £9.00. White Silkies £6.50. Orpingtons (Blue, Black, Buff  & Blue splash) £9.00. French Maran, Copper Black £8.00, Copper Blue £10.00, Wheaton £12.00. Light Sussex & Silver Sussex £7.50. Cuckoo Marans £6.50.
Ducks: Khaki Campbell £6.50, Aylesbury £7.00, Call ducks £12.00 & Runner Ducks £7.50.
Quail: Chinese painted £2.25, Japanese [many colours] £1.75, Tennessee Red £8.00
All eggs priced per box of 6. Postage by Royal Mail 1st class £5.99. Day old chicks also available from £3.00!

Email: wppericson@gmail.com or hill18@gmail.com

Incubating chicken eggs is made easy with our full range of incubators.

Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Midlands...

Sunnyside Poultry
Tel. 07798 584798, Burton on Trent.
Hybrid Pullets 16 - 20 weeks old. Bluebelle, Amber, White Star, Black Star, Speckledy, Pied, Copper Black, Columbine, Coral. Khaki and White Campbell ducks. Poultry keeping courses

Helen Stretton
Tel. 01159 724800 / 07765 612814, Notts/Derby.
Orpingtons: Buff, White, Black, Partridge, Blue. Brahmas, Cochins, Cream Crested Legbars, French Wheaten Marans. Rhode Island Reds. Hatching Eggs also available.

Andrew Lee
Worksop, Notts. Tel. 01909 540201 / 07974065211
Salmon Faverolles. Columbian, Gold Laced, dark, red and lemon pyle Brahmas; Black, white, buff, blue, cuckoo, frizzle Cochins.
Millefleur, Creole, Salmon, Silver Wheaten, cuckoo, plain colours, frizzle Pekin. Polands most colours including frizzle. 
Geese, Call Ducks.

Bantams on the Green
Tel. 07903 278085 / 02476 441934, Coventry
Pekin Bantams various colours. 

R Bramhall
Tel. 07762 583085, Worksop, Nottinghamshire
White Silkies, Large Fowl, Chicks and Youngstock sometimes available. Hatching Eggs posted

Dale Cottage Farm Poultry
Tel. 07734 301070 / 07971 183872, Derbyshire
Large Fowl: Gold Laced Wyandotte, Silver Grey Dorking, Derbyshire Red Cap, Marsh Daisy, Light Sussex, Barnevelder, Copper Blue Marans, Brown Leghorn and Rhode Island Red. Also Derbyshire Ranger Hybrids

Rheas of Warwick
Tel. 01926 842635, Warwickshire
Grey and White Rheas. Golden, Reeves and Swinhoe Pheasants, Buff Pekins sometimes available

Richard and Claire Lambeth
Tel. 01629 823324 / 07932 149761, Derbyshire.
Large Fowl: Welsummer; Red Partridge, Silver Duckwing; Cuckoo Marans, Buff Orpington, Vorwerk, Cobbs. Bantam: Silkies, White, Gold, Black. Norfolk Black Turkeys, Muscovy Ducks: Black and White, Lavender and White, Black. Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Chickens

Lodge Leghorns
Tel. 01909 474244, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
10+ Colours, all Large Fowl. Fertile Hatching Eggs, Day Old Chicks, Growers, Point Of Lay

Andy Nicklin
 Tel. 01246 590473, Derbyshire.
Range of Pure Breeds including; Wyandotte Bantams in 5 Colours, Buff Cochin, Barnevelder.

Tew Poultry and Quails
Tel. 01384 866037, Dudley / 01215 254962, West Brom.
Bantam: Old English Game, Dutch, Malasian Serama, Frizzle. Cream Legbars, Silkies large and miniature. Japanese Quail many colours, Chinese Painted Quail. Hatching Eggs, Day Olds to Point Of Lay and always more available.

The White Chicken Company
Tel. 07525 465554, Leicestershire
Hatching Eggs, Day Old Bantam and Hybrids. Legbars, Serama, Pekin, Bantam Welsummer and Runner Ducks.

Westaway Poultry
Tel. 01572 737310, Rutland, Leicestershire.
Large Fowl: Buff Orpington, Welsummer, Wyandotte, Croad Langshan. Bantam: Buff Orpington, Welsummer, Pekin, Wyandotte. Waterfowl: Cayuga, Orpington. Geese: Toulouse (Grey and Buff) Steinbacher, Sebastopol, Franconian. Quail: Japanese, Northern Bobwhites

At The Incubator Shop, we have a full range of Brinsea Incubators; perfect for hatching your eggs.



Cosy Hens
Tel. 01291 650655, Monmouthshire.
Faverolles - Salmon.
Plymouth Rock - Barred.
Sussex - Light, Buff.
Orpington - Buff, Black.
Marans - French Copper Blue, Black, Wheaten.
Silkie - White.
Welsummer, Vorwerk, Rhode Island Reds.
We also sell Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Growers and Point of Lay 
Website: www.cosyhens.co.uk

Graig Pure Breeds
Tel. 01286 880173, Caernarfan.
Large Fowl: Orpington - Black, Cuckoo, Blue, Splash. All exhibition quality. Light Sussex. Geese: Embden, Hatching Eggs for collection or post. Lemon cuckoo, Lavender and Gold laced

Website: www.graigpoultry.co.uk
Email: graigpoultry@aol.com

Lothlorien Poultry
Llanarmon-yn-Ial, Denbighshire. Tel 07801 246007 or 01824 780078.

We specialise in Large pure bred utility poultry & old fashioned sex-linked crosses. We also keep a few exhibition quality breeds. Hatching eggs are our speciality and we offer the following breeds:

Pure Large Utility Fowl

Our birds originate from some of the oldest flocks in the country , having been kept in the same families for many generations. Whilst maintaining the pure breed looks , emphasis has also been focussed on egg laying ability . Many of these bids will lay more that 250 eggs a year under the right conditions. Breeds we keep are Light Sussex , White Sussex , Rhode Island Reds , Rhode Island Whites , New Hampshire Reds , Barred Plymouth Rocks & Buff Leghorns ( All large Fowl)

Exhibition Fowl

These birds are top quality exhibition birds kept more for pleasure than eggs although they lay surprisingly well. Breeds we keep are Buff Plymouth Rocks & Silver Laced Wyandottes ( All large Fowl)

Sex- Linked Crosses

Before the advent of modern hybrids , sex-linked crosses between pure utility flocks enabled the discerning poultry keeper to sex by down colour at day old . We have resurrected many of these old crosses using our top quality utility flocks enabling you to sex your pullets as soon as they hatch. The result is fantastic laying fowl laying over 250 eggs per year . They are hardy birds full of hybrid vigour. Crosses we keep are Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red x Rhode Island White, New Hampshire Red x Light Sussex, Buff Plymouth Rock x Light Sussex & Buff Leghorn . We also produce Goldtop broodies by crossing Large Gold Silkies x bantam Light Sussex

Hatching eggs posted nationwide in secure polystyrene shells. As of 2nd April postal charges for 1st class recorded ( normally 1 to 2 days) are £5.50 for 6 eggs & £6.50 for 12 eggs 1st Class recorded. Special Delivery for next day & personal collection also available.

We have a replacement egg policy in place and will replace clear eggs after 10th day of setting FOC

Our birds are all kept in large grass paddocks with a ratio of 12 hens to 4 cocks

We also welcome personal collection which is also an opportunity to view our breeding stock

We also have Day Old Chicks & Growers of all the above

We are Defra & Trading Standards registered

Email: lothlorienpoultry@btinternet.com

Riverside Roost
North Wales, Nr. Cheshire. Tel. 07841 431767
Hatching Eggs for collection or post. Many breeds available.
Will supply Light Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Anconas, Araucanas, Barred Plymouth Rock, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Welsummers and more.
Duck eggs are also for sale: Call Ducks and Aylesbury Ducks.
Call or visit Steve for chicken and duck hatching eggs, poultry supplies and much more.
Email: info@riversideroost.co.uk
Website: www.riversideroost.co.uk

40 Breeds of Poultry
Tel. 01948 830830 / 07746 050142, North Wales Borders.
Many rare and traditional breeds. Hatching Eggs - Point of Lay

AJR Poultry of Abergavenny
Tel. 01873 855580 / 07775 593020 / 07785755680.
Selection of pure breeds, hybrid layers

Buckley Poulty
Tel. 07801 274084. North Wales
Hatching Eggs, Chicks from day old, breeding pairs. Pure Breeds and Hybrids Point of Lay. Duck and Geese Available

Camddwr Poultry
Tel. 01974 251425 / 07875963966, Ceredigion.
Breeders and suppliers of Turkeys, Geese, Chickens and Ducks.

Celtic Poultry
Tel. 07826 571754, Pembrokeshire
Various pure and rare breed poultry including Turkeys and Guinea Fowl. Specialist in Dutch Bantams, most colours available.

Chuckle Chick Poultry
Tel. 01742 882426, Swansea
Black Rock, Rhode Island Red. Sussex; Light, Speckled, Silver. Orpingtons; Splash, Lavender, Gold Laced. Leghorn, Wyandotte, Vorwerk. Bantam: Hamburg, Sebright and many more. Waterfowl. Say Old to Point of Lay and laying hens

Dragon Poultry
Tel. 01678 540249 / 07769 717374, Gwynned, North Wales.
Over 20 Breeds of Rare and Traditional Breeds of Poultry in Large Fowl and Bantam; Waterfowl, Quail, Turkeys and Guinea Fowl.

David E Francis
Tel. 01437 751243, Pembrokeshire.
Cream Legbars. Utility Brown Leghorns, Ixworths

Arthur and Jeni Griffin
Tel. 01691 718261, Llangollen, North Wales.
Buff Sussex, Cream Legbars, Lavender Araucanas, Anconas, Friesian Fowl, gold Dutch Bantams. Pearl Guinea Fowl, Turkeys and White Doves

Happy Hens Poultry
Tel. 01558 650187, Carmarthenshire.
Ixworth, Marsh Daisy, Light Sussex, Silver Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Cream Legbar, Egyptian Dandewari, Scots Dumpy, Scots Grey, Silver Dorking, Welsummer, Guinea Fowl. Turkeys; Bronze, Narrangansett, Slate. Geese; Brecon Buffs.

R Mountcastle
Tel. 01239 810660, Aberporth.
Sabelpoots, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Silkies. Hatching Eggs to Day Old when available.

Chris Mutch
Tel. 07919 407245, Rhondda.
Araucana, Barnevelder, Buff Orpington, Welsummer. Large variety of Poultry. Sole Welsh agent for genuine Blackrock and other laying Hybrids including Rhondda Blues and Ranger, Leghorns, Cuckoo Marans, Barred Rock, Silver Sussex. Hatching Eggs often available

Poultry Mill Hatching Eggs
Tel. 01443 224367, South Wales.
French Marans, Dark egg strains, Hatching Eggs

Quails in Wales
Tel. 07815 880078
Japanese Normal and Jumbo Quail, Chinese Painted Quail, Day Old to Point of Lay. We also sell fresh Quail eggs and Hatching Eggs

Rainbow Eggs
Tel. 01239 623619, Cardigan.
Free Range Lavender Araucanas, Cream Legbar. Championship Egg Award

Stryt Isa Poultry
Tel. 01978 760301, Penyffordd.
Sussex: Speckled, Buff, Silver, Brown, White. Black and White Araucanas. Hatching Eggs, Day Old to Point of Lay

Dot Tyler
Tel. 01239 831282, Pembrokeshire.
Faverolles - Salmon, Ermine and Cuckoo. Brown Leghorns

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Hugh Phillips
Tel. 07714 167681, Lisburn, Northern Ireland.
Over 20 Breeds: Araucanas, Pekins, Brahmas, Sussex, Leghorns and many Belgian Bantam breeds. Also clocking hens, Guinea Fowl, Geese and Ducks

Annaginny Park Farm
Tel. 02887 747808, Newmills, Dungannon.
Emu, Rhea, Chinese Geese, Pigeons, Quail. Hatching Eggs Available.

Jennifer Dickson
Tel. 02820 751298 / 07961443126, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland.
Large Fowl: Marans, Welsummer, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Dorking; White, Black, Brown Leghorn. Turkeys: Bronze, Double Breasted, Crollwitzer. Waterfowl: Ducks; Runners, Saxony. Geese: Danish, Pomeranian. Hatching Eggs

Gallion Poultry
Tel. 02886 748879 / 07724 333023, Cookstown.
Large Fowl: Light and Buff Sussex, Welsummer. Bantam: White and Black Pekins, Porcelaine and Millefleur Barbu D'Uccle. Waterfowl: Khaki Campbell, Mallard Call, Mandarin, Blonde Mandarin. Hybrids also available. Day Old to Point Of Lay. Hatching Eggs available

Luggacurren Poultry
Tel. 00353 857 121784.
Large Fowl: Sussex, Buff, Light. Buff Orpington, Barnevelder, Welsummer, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, Rhodebars. Hatching Eggs, Day Old and Pullets

James McLaughlin
Tel. 02887 759551, Tyrone.
Black Jersey Giants, Brown Leghorn, Exchequer Leghorn, Oprington and Copper Black Marans. Large Fowl, Hatching Eggs, Point of Lay and Day Old

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Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire...

Beautiful Bantams
Tel. 07835 580016, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Silver Laced, Silver Pencilled, Partridge, Barred Wyandottes. Rhode Island Red, Polands, Silkies in various colours. Hatching Eggs

Ravenhall Pekins
Tel. 01775 822569, Spalding, Lincolnshire.
Various colours and medium sized Hybrid hens eg Copper marans, Light Sussex & Bluebell & soemtimes Blackrocks
Please email for details or see our website

Beachfen Wyandottes and Leghorns
Tel. 01223 860139 / 07710 866515, Cambridgeshire
Large Fowl: Wyandottes, 18 colours, Leghorns, 10 colours, Marans, 6 colours. Light Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Barnevelders, Cream Legbars, Welsummers, Buff Cochins, Andalusian, Guinea Fowl

Bramley Farm Chickens
Tel. 07871 069763, Cambridgeshire
Jersey Giants, Opringtons: Buff, Blue, Black, Splash.

Burkins Poultry
Tel. 01507 473135, Lincolnshire
Chickens, Bantams, Ducks and Geese

Cracking Poultry
Tel. 07500 319460, Cambridgeshire
Bantam: Light Sussex, Japanese, Game, Speckled Laced Wyandottes, appenzellers, Brahmas and Guinea Fowl

Dial House Poultry and Plants
Tel. 01205 820016 / 07877 711364, Lincolnshire
Amber Star, Black Star, Bluebelle, Speckled Star, Meadowsweet Ranger, Calder Ranger, Speckledys, Hebden Blacks. Pekin Bantams, Call Ducks

DnA Poultry
Point Of Lay, Growers and Hatching Eggs. Large Fowl: Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Barnevelder, Buff Orpington. Aylesbury Ducklings

Holme Farm Poultry
Tel. 07917 546715, Lincolnshire
Over 60 Breeds of rare and pure breed Poultry. Large Selection of Point Of Lay utility and Hybrid Layers available

Jonathans Pedigree Poultry
Tel. 01480 861379, Cambridgeshire.
36 Breeds of Large Fowl and Bantams

Jura Bantams
Tel. 01945 780271, Cambridgeshire.
White Silkie Bantams and Tiny Seramas 

Andrew MacKenzie
Tel. 01353 722704, Cambridgeshire.
Welsummer Large Fowl. Dark Egg Strain. Show Strain

Poland Chickens
Tel. 07976 755309, Boston, Lincolnshire.
Smooth/Frizzle Chamois, Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Black, Blue, Splash and White Crested Cuckoo. Other rare colours sometimes available. Hatching Eggs. Aylesbury Ducks

Sally Prescott
Tel. 01472 840142, East Lincolnshire.
Buff Plymouth Rock and Australorp (Black and Blue) Bantams

Sycamore Farm Poultry
Tel. 01205 872057, Boston, Lincolnshire.
Rare Breed and Traditional Poultry. Chicks - Point of Lay. Ducks; Calls, Muscovies, Runners. Turkeys; Bourbon Reds, Bronzes. Poults.

Whitehill Poultry
Tel. 01223 891877 / 07872 612934, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.
Various Pure Breeds including Copper Black Marans, Blue Andalusian, Rhode Island Reds, Cream Legbars, Silver Dorking, Silkies.

Wyandotte Bantams
Tel. 01733 252736, Peterborough.
Partridge/Colombian Wyandotte Bantams.

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Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Herefordshire...

Cottage Garden Chickens
Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Tel. 07976 122 661 (ask for Paul)
Hatching Eggs for sale...
Bantams Pekins in various colours including-  Lavender. Silver Partridge. Lemon Cuckoo & Millifluer. Orpingtons in Chocholate & Buff. Light Sussex  and others.
Large Fowl Cuckoo Maran. Light Sussex. Speckeled Sussex. Buff Sussex. Splash Orpington. Buff Orpington. Dark Brahama. Cream Legbar. Welsummer. Barnevelder and others.
Hatching Eggs can be posted 1st Class or collected by arrangment.
"We also sell chicks, growers and point of lay birds for collection!"
We look forward to seeing you!
Email: hello@cottagegardenchickens.co.uk
Website: www.cottagegardenchickens.co.uk

Pages Poultry
07809421565, Burton on trent.
Wide range of hybrids & pure breed chickens. Also ducks, geese, quail, turkeys, peacocks & Guinea fowl. Help for first-time keepers, plus holiday boarding, cockerel re-homing and other services. See us on Facebook or at:

Nick Bohemia
Tel. 01568 770215 Herefordshire
Orpington Large Fowl in Blue, Buff, Chocolate, Mottled and Gold Laced Blue. Orpington Bantams in Mottled and Lavender.
Also Large Fowl Red Dorking and Buff Sussex. Hatching eggs and young stock often available. 

40 Breeds Of Poultry
Tel. 01948 830830 / 07746 050142, North Wales Borders.
Many Rare and Traditional Breeds. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

AB Poultry
Tel. 07787 151561, Staffordshire.
Scots Grey, Derbyshire Redcap, Turkey and Quail

Amikas Poultry
Tel. 01902 700768, Wolverhampton.
Large Fowl: Buff Orpington, Silver Dorking, Silver Duckwing Welsummer, Exchequer Leghorn, buff sussex, Barnevelder

Aston Poultry
Tel. 07971 362587, Telford, Shropshire.
Bantam: Pekin; Lemon, Red; Modern Game, Old English Game, Sussex, Ko Shamo. gold Sebrights, Belgian Bearded. Wyandottes; Gold, Blue, Silverlaced. Large Fowl: Sussex, Partridge Wyandottes. Hatching Eggs - Point of Lay

Black and White Poultry
Tel. 01538 308506, Staffordshire.
Moorlands, Peak District. Norfolk Grey Birds, Chicks and Hatching Eggs

Jean Botham
Tel. 01538 382221, Leek, Staffordshire.
Quality Hamburgh, Marans, Welsummer Bantams

Burford Browns and Cotswold Legbars
Tel. 07831 849036.
Dark Brown and Blue egg layers direct from the breeders. Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Growers, Point of Lay

The Chicken Garden
Tel. 01785 225847 / 07722 233183, Stafford, Staffordshire.
Pure Breeds. Pekins; Lavender, White. Dutch; Gold, Silver, Yellow Partridge. Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantams. Large Fowl; Light Sussex. Hybrid Pullets in variety of colours

Tel. 01691 657178, Oswestry, Shropshire.
Rare Breed Poultry. Large Fowl: Brahma, Araucana, Ixworth, Orpington, Owlbeard, Ancona, La Fleche, Sussex. Bantam: Japanese, Nankin, Leghorn, Pekin, Orpington. Hatching Eggs, Day Olds and Point Of Lay

Colehurst Cottage Gardens
Tel. 07527 628192 / 01630 638177, North Shropshire.
Rare and Pure Breeds of British Poultry. Lincolnshire Buff, Cream Legbar, Derbyshire Redcap, Dorking, Ixworth, Light Sussex, Marsh Daisy, Norfolk Grey, Scots Grey, Norfolk Black Turkeys. Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Pullets and Birds.

Cottagekings Poultry
Tel. 07595 185383, Madley, Herefordshire.
Pure and Rare Breeds. Hybrid Layers. Light Sussex, Cream Legbar, Brown Leghorn, Araucana. Day Old to Point Of Lay

Gould Life Poultry Smallholding Ltd
Tel. 01386 554362 / 07894743816, Worcestershire.
Hatching Eggs to Point Of Lay. Rare Breeds including Silver Grey Dorking, Indian/Cornish Game, Cream Legbar, Leghorn, Light Sussex, Araucana, Houdan, Hybrids, some Bantams. Ducks, Geese, Guinea Fowl.

Hansnett Hens and Houses
Tel. 01531 670002, Ledbury.
Bantam: Pekins and Buff Sussex. Large Fowl: French Wheaten and French Copper Blue Marans, Welsummers and Cream Legbars. Hatching Eggs to order

Richard Heath
Tel. 01527 821752, Worcestershire.
Bantams / Guinea Fowl, Exotics / Hatching Eggs. 10 colours of Wyandotte. 4 colours Belgian Breeds

JC Poultry
Tel. 01630 658971, Market Drayton.
Old English Game Bantams all colours. Californian Quail, Mexican Speckled Quail. Mandarin Ducks. Hatching Eggs available

Maddie's Chicks
Tel. 07779 851591 / 01543 432617, Tamworth.
Orpington: Chocolate/Lavender. Cochin; Gold Laced; Brahma; Lemon Pyle. Sablepoot; Lemon Millefleur; Copper French Marans; Cream Legbars. Light Sussex, various hybrids.

May Cottage Collection
Tel. 01691 682383, Oswestry.
Pekins; White, Black, Mottled, Lavender, Partridge, Red, Frizzle. Belgian Barbu d'Uccle, Millefleur, Gold Sebrights

Pheasant Croft Poultry
Tel. 01885 410594, Bromyard, Herefordshire.
Large Fowl: Cuckoo Marans, Welsummer, Barnevelder, Light Sussex. Bantam: Light Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Buff Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island red, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Marans, Barnevelder. Hatching Eggs to Point Of Lay.

Tanat Poultry
Tel. 01691 780245, Shropshire / Powys borders.
Wyandotte Large Fowl; Gold, Blue, Buff, Silver Laced and Partridge. Barred Plymouth Rock Large Fowl. Chicks, Point Of Lay, Hatching Eggs

T and R Poultry
Tel. 07525 424999, North Shropshire.
Large Fowl: Light Sussex. Brahmas; Gold, Lemon Pyle, Red Pyle. Bantam: Black Pekin, Partridge Dutch. Point Of Lay, Hatching Eggs, Day Old

Need tips on hatching hens eggs? See our incubation guide.


Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire...

Khaki Campbells!
Northampton, Northants. Tel. 07876234616 (Heather Youngson).
Suppliers of duck eggs and hatching duck eggs. Specialising in Khaki Campbell duck hatching eggs!
Email Heather at heatheryoungson@aol.com

Pages Poultry - Helping Newcomers to the Poultry World
07809421565, Burton on trent, Staffordshire
With over 500 birds on site we have a wide range of hybrids & pure breed chickens. Also ducks, geese, quail, turkeys, peacocks & guinea fowl. Help for first-time keepers, plus holdiay boarding, cockerel re-homing, poultry keeping courses and other services. See us on Facebook or at: www.pagespoultry.co.uk

Maurice Alcock
Tel. 01527 852872. 
Cuckoo Marans Specialist. Hatching Eggs and Young Stock.

Bearfox Poultry
Tel. 01827 720336 / 07961041459.
Pekins, Silkies in various colours. Point Of Lay Chickens, various breeds

The Birdhaus
Tel. 01280 851261, Brackley, Northants.
Polands: Tolbunt Large Fowl, Chocolate, Creole, White Crested Cuckoo, White Crested Black, Self White, Self Blue / Black, Silver Laced Bantams. Bantams: Barbu d'Uccle, d'Anvers, de Watermael, Japanese, Pekins, Silkie / Frizzle, Faverolles. Runner Ducks, Quail, Ornamental Pheasants, Guinea Fowl. Hatching Eggs and Occasional Chicks - Point Of Lay

Cotswold Chickens
Tel. 01608 683912, Banbury, Oxon.
Wide range of hybrid Point Of Lay Pullets for sale all year round.

Mark Etherton
Tel. 01865 875045, Oxfordshire.
Marans, Light Sussex.

Fertile Hatching Eggs
Tel. 01525 261606, Milton Keynes.
Large Fowl Leghorns most colours. French Marans

K and D Quail and Poultry
Tel. 01832 730061, Northants.
Italian Laying Quail. Hatching Eggs to Point Of Lay. French Copper Marans.

Steve Lowery
Tel. 01327 860501.
Welsummer eggs and sexed day old chicks. Dark Brown Eggs. Some Point Of Lay

Richard McNally
Tel. 01295 255381, Oxon.
Utility Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Barred Rock

Tim and Val Moss
Tel. 01788 833719, Pailton, Rugby.
Bantam: Silver Laced and Gold Laced Wyandottes. Silver Dutch

Pear Tree Farm Poultry
Tel. 01327 830523, Northants.
Rare Breeds, Sablepoot, Sultan, Houdan.

Rose Cottage Poultry
Tel. 01788 833778, Pailton near Rugby.
Malaysian Seramas and Mixed Breed Pullets

Tom Keningale
Tel. 07904 884318, Warwickshire.
Exhibition Bred. Large Fowl: Buff Orpingtons, Black Orpingtons, Rhode Island Red, Brown Leghorns, Buff Plymouth Rocks, Cuckoo Marans. Bantam: Light Sussex, Silver Laced Wyandottes. Chicks to Point Of Lay, Hatching Eggs

Hatching poultry eggs? Find tips here.


Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex...

Mulberry Mill Stud
Suffolk. Tel. 07775 920017 / 01502 575691 (leave a message)

"Over 40 different breeds of birds available!"

Large Fowl: Australorp hatching eggs and French Copper Black Maran hatching eggs! You can also buy hatching eggs for all of the following breeds - Silver Dorking, Ixworth, Indian Game, Welsummer, Sultan Houdan.
Bantam hatching eggs: Australorp, Barbu d'Anvers/d'Uccle, Faverolles, Welsummer, Sumatra, Pekin, Mulberry Blue.
If you need duck hatching eggs, we supply Cayuga, Pekin, Khaki Campbell, Black East Indian and Aylesbury. Turkey hatching eggs are also available.
Quail and quail hatching eggs are available in three different colour varieties!

Eggs can be collected by appointment. Preferably ordered a week in advance. Customers are advised make contact for availability as we have several breeds that may not appear on the website at the moment as it is awaiting an update.

Email: wavsec@aol.com Website: www.mulberrymillstud.co.uk


Norfolk Garden Chickens


Email: norfolkgardenchickens@yahoo.co.uk

Tel: 07815986701

Near Holt, North Norfolk.

Breeders and suppliers of hatching eggs, chicks, ducklings, growers, POL.

Pekins in white, black, blue, lavender, buff, lemon cuckoo, lavender cuckoo and millefleur. Dutch bantams in gold and lavender. Wyandotte bantams in barred, gold laced, buff laced, blue laced and silver laced. Polish bantams in chamois (frizzled and plain), Sablepoots in lemon millefleur. Silver Sebrights. Call ducks in white and butterscotch. Black East Indian ducks, Mandarin ducks.

Craftsman build coops and runs. Garvo feed stockists.

Dave's Bantams
Tel. 07957 771016 / 07977 507878, Essex.
Serama, Thuringian, Rumpless Game. Ayam Cemani, OEG

Barling Poultry
Tel. 01702 500776 / 07716 367858, Essex.
Point of Lay Hens, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys. Day Olds and Hatching Eggs.

Anglia Wildfowl
Tel. 07752 160009.
Indian Runners 10 Colours, Crested 9 Colours, various Calls, Appleyard, Aylesbury and many others, Wildsowl, Ducks, Geese, Swans, Large Fowl, Bantams, Pigeons, Guinea Fowl, Pheasants

David and Jacky Billings
Tel. 01953 788863, Attleborough, Norfolk.
Silver Sebrights

Britannic Rare Breeds
Tel. 01621 741429, Essex.
Large Fowl: Derbyshire Redcap, Red Dorking, Dark Indian Game, Ixworth, Lincolnshire Buff, Brown, Buff, Wheaten Marsh Daisy, Black Minorca, Norfolk Grey, Buff Orpington, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Rhodebar, Scots Grey, Black, Cuckoo, White Scots Dumpy; Brown, Light, Red, White Sussex. Bantam: Red Sussex, Scots Grey, Rhodebar. Ducks: Aylesbury, Buff Orpington, Silver Appleyard, Shetland, Stanbridge White

Broadfield Poultry
Tel. 01376 343672, Seesex.
A Variety of Bantams, Large Fowl, Quail, Waterfowl, Chicks and Hatching Eggs

C & C Bantams
Tel. 07840 280470 / 07712 199285, Great Dunmow.
Hobby breeders of Unusual / Rare colour bantams. Wyandottes a speciality Millefleur, Porcelaine, Mottled, many others. Also Pekins, Ameraucanas and others. Hatching Eggs to Point Of Lay

D & T Poultry
Tel. 07872 542539 / 01359 254294, Wattisfield, Suffolk.
Pure breed Chickens, Geese and Emus. Pekin; Black, Lavender, White, Partridge, Millefleur, Black Frizzle. Brahma; Dark, Gold, Light. Indian Game, Silkies, Light Sussex, Buff Orpington and more. Hatching Eggs.

Miss BJ Chilvers
Tel. 01986 788171, Harleston.
Barbu d'Uccle, Orpington, Pekin, Poland, Silkie

Nigel and Lynn Drewery
Tel. 01842 812421 / 07793 365818.
Light, Gold and Buff Columbian Brahmas, Barnevelder, Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Buff Orpingtons, Silkies and Pekins

Foxleigh Poultry
Tel. 01621 774748 / 07794 726958, Essex.
Leghorn; Exchquer, Lavender, White. Cochin, Brahma various colours. Cream Legbar, Speckled Sussex, Pekin, Lemon Millefleur Sabelpoots. Hybrids. Indian Runners in various colours. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

K and D Lomas
Tel. 01708 370120, Upminster, Essex.
Bantams: Black Naked Necks, Lavender Araucanas, Blue Japanese, Frizzle Pekins. Large Fowl: Welsummers, Vorwerks, Salmon Faverolles and Cream Legbars. White Call Ducks

Jim Kemp
Tel. 01359 269515, Suffolk.
Pekin, Silkie, Barbu d'Uccle, Sebright, Wyandotte, Bantam Barnevelder. Hatching Eggs

Market Hill Bantams
Tel. 01473 738244, Suffolk.
Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay. Columbian, Buff, Gold Wyandotte. Welsummer, Light and Buff Sussex, Silver Sebright, White Leghorn, Andalusian, Suffolk Chequers

Norfolk Brahmas
Tel. 01328 700957.
Large Fowl: Brahma: Lemon Pyle, Red Pyle, Gold and Blue Partridge, Black, Blue, Darks, Blue Splash. Salmon Faverolles Bantam: Pekin; Grey, Mottled, Porcelain, Black, Lemon. Barbu d'Uccle in Buff

Oakwood Brahmas
Tel. 07786 738830, Norfolk.
Large Fowl Brahmas and Salmon Faverolles

Penny's Poultry
Tel. 01842 878340, Norfolk.
Red and Silver Grey Dorking. Large Fowl: Silver Grey Dark Dorking Bantams

Sam's Bantams
Tel. 01206 262214 / 01787 468677, Colchester.
Wyandottes, Dutch, Gold and Silver Sebright

Southernwood Hens
Tel. 01255 820576 / 07787 503782, Essex.
Large Fowl: Orpingtons, Buff, Black; Rhode Island Red; Light Sussex. Day Old to Point of Lay. Hatching Eggs

The Suffolk Chicken Company
Tel. 07879 214453, Bury St Edmunds.
Large Fowl, Hybrids, Bantams and Hatching Eggs

Andrew Wilson
Tel. 01708 688257 / 07725 754719, Essex.
Various Ducks: Cayuga, Pekin. Large Fowl: Gold Brahma, Buff Orpington, Welsummer, Marans. Bantam: Welsummer, Marans, Lavender Pekin. Hatching Eggs

Incubating chicken eggs is made easy with our full range of incubators.


Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire...

Horton Hatchery
Leighton Buzzard, Hertfordshire. Tel. 07912 609001 / 07543793243
Double-Laced and Silver-Laced Barnevelder, White Star, German Langshan bantam, Black Crested Polish bantam, Apricot Call Duck and Japanese Quail.
Website: www.hortonhatchery.co.uk
Facebook: Click Here!

Cole Green Chicken
Tel. 07768 444161, Hertford, Hertfordshire.
Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay. Bantam Orpington: Chocolate, Gold Laced, Silver Laced. Pekins: Salmon, Lavender, Millefleur, Black Mottled and Rare Red Pyle

Bridge Farm Poultry
Tel. 07872 395517 / 07740 981060, Bedford.
Buff orpington, Rode Island red, Black copper maran, Blue copper maran, Wheaten maran, cream leg bar and Salmon Faverolles

Catrin's Garden Poultry
Tel. 07890 403675, Buckinghamshire.
Large Fowl: Light Sussex, Spanish Marans, Araucana, Friesian, Silkie, Welsummer, Cream Legbar, Sumatra. Bantam: Pekin, Leghorn, Wyandotte, Araucana, Light Sussex, Marans, Vorwerk, Belgian, Sumatra, Rosecomb, Yokohama. Guinea Fowl, KC Ducks, Chinese Geese. Hatching Eggs.
Email: clacy@gotadsl.co.uk

Hillside Farm Poultry
Tel. 07968 808360, Near Thame.
Quality Selection of Point of Lay Laying Hens and Traditional Rare Breeds.

Edwin Hodge
Tel. 01438 714345, Hertfordshire.
Laying Hens. Traditional Rare Breeds. Hatching Eggs

Lockharbour Waterfowl
Tel. 01280 890624.
Wildfowl, Ducks, Geese, Swans, Call Ducks, Indian Runners. Pekin and Sebright Bantams

Ten Acre Poultry
Tel. 07533 523724, Hertfordshire.
Welsummer, Rhode Island Red, Pekin, Naked Neck, Modern Game, Barnevelder, Marans, Frizzle, Light Sussex, Blue / Buff Orpington, Poland, Guinea Fowl and more

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Wiltshire, Hampshire and Berkshire...

Bupton Bantams

Wonderful variety of pekin bantams, lemon, lavender, millfleur, black and buff. Fertile eggs, point of lay and chicks available. White call duck eggs and ducks for sale.

Calne, Wiltshire.

Call: 07894 346951


Telephone - 01225 309045 or 077 929 28343

Email - quail@ellbridge.plus.com


Cortunix Varieties – Italian, Spanish, Tuxedo, Range, Farrows Etc.....

Hatching eggs can be posted or collected by arrangement.


Please contact us for availability – delivery possible within reasonable distance or collection by arrangement.

FROZEN QUAIL COCK BIRDS (for falconers/reptiles only)

Please contact us for availability – delivery possible within reasonable distance or collection by arrangement.

Tim Adams

Tel. 01722 782445, Salisbury.
East Indian Ducks, Various Wildfowl sometimes available. Sabelpoot and Japanese Bantams.

Chalk Hill Poultry
Tel. 01725 519356, Fordingbridge, Hampshire.
Over 30 Rare and Traditional Breeds. orpington, Cochin, Brahma, French Marans, Sussex and more. Hybrid Laying birds available.

Cheesley Chickens
Tel. 07986 875715, Wooton Bassett.
Point of Lay chicks. Pekin and Wyandotte Bantam in a wonderful array of colours including Silver and Blue Laced, chocolate, Mottled, White, Black, Silver and Gold Partridge, Millefleur, Blue.

Emily Collins
Tel. 07860 746420, Hampshire.
Large Fowl: Brahma, Marsh Daisy, Ixworth, Oxford, Indian Game. Bantam: Modern Game, Old English Game, Sulmtalers, Pekin

Hamble Valley Poultry
Tel. 07738 570740, Hampshire.
Pure Bred Silkies and Polands. Bantam and Large Fowl. Hatching Eggs

Hook Farm Chickens
Tel. 01256 767515 / 07833 792920.
Cuckoo Marans, Welsummers, Cream Legbars, Silver Grey Dorkings. Day Olds to Point of Lay

John Leach
Tel. 01225 334819, Bath, Somerset.
Utility laying strain Rhode Island Reds. Hatching Eggs

A J Marshall
Tel. 01428 723030, Liphook, Hampshire.
Sussex, Cochins, Marans, Spanish

Dave Perrett
Tel. 07932 155971 / 01344 453091, Bracknell.
A Small number of species available, call for more information

Southview Poultry
Tel. 01256 896372, Whitchurch.
Orpingtons; Buff, Gold Laced, Mottled. Cochin, Brahma, Wyandotte, Sultan, Marans, Sussex

Tina Perry
Tel. 01249 783380, Chippenham, Wiltshire.
Light Sussex, Point of Lay Chickens

Mrs L Rolph
Tel. 01489 896008 / 07860 384404.
Various Point of Lay Hybrids. Large Fowl: Welsummer, Marans, sussex, Leghorn and more. Bantam: Wyandotte, Pekin, Barnevelder. Guinea Fowl, Turkeys and Hatching Eggs

John Soper
Tel. 01256 850355, Hampshire
Call Ducks and Pekin Bantams

T and R Poultry
Tel. 01635 49114, Newbury.
Point of Lay Silver, Partridge, Blue, Colombian Wyandottes, Silver Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Yokohamas.

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Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Avon...

Artisan Poultry
Coleford, Gloucestershire GL168DJ.
Tel. David Hart on 01594 836004 or 07704966582.
Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs £1.50 each maybe collected or posted at £5.50 per 6 eggs. These pale blue fertile hatching eggs are from quality stock & produce auto sexing chicks which will enable you to identify gender by colouring immediately after hatching.

Chicks ( 1 - 10 days old) - £7 each (Guaranteed female).
Chicks (10 - 35 days old - £9 each (Guaranteed female).
POL 10 WKS+ - £16 EACH

Email: artisan1@mail.com

Claire Whetter
Clevedon, Avon. Tel. 07905 641964
A fantastic range of fertile hatching eggs: Fertile Light Sussex, Cuckoo marans, Blue marans, Brown Marans, Rhode Island Reds, Buff orpington, Black Marans Gold laced Wyandotte, plus other breeds.
"I have newborns and pont of lay for sale in addition to eggs"
Also for sale: Fertile eggs and ducks - Aylesbury, Runners (various colours) calls and Muscovy!
Email: claire@whetter.demon.co.uk

Beech Ridge Farm
Large Fowl: Sussex, Orpington, Leghorn, Barnevelder, Rhode Island Red, Cochin, Marans. Bantams: Pekin, Wyandotte, Orpington, Poland, Sablepoot. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Border Lodge Poultry
Tel. 07506 695528 / 07890 051668, Somerset.
Large Fowl: Orpington, Chocoloate, Mottled, Buff, Gold Laced, White. Barred Plymouth Rock, Speckled Sussex, Poland, Pekin, Frizzle, Araucana. Pheasants, Waterfowl, Wildfowl and Geese

Brahma Bonkers
Tel. 07827 684656, Dorchester
Red Pyle, Dark, Gold, Buff Brahmas. Pekins, Welsummers, Marans and many other breeds. Hatching Eggs

Cossack Chickens
Tel. 01823 336323, Taunton.
Light sussex, Speckled Sussex, Welsummer, Indian Game, Exchequer Leghorn, Silver Sebright, Gold Sebright. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Cottage Hens
Tel. 01454 772542 / 07834 568819, Bristol.
Specialist breeder of Wyandotte Bantams in Red, Colombian, Buff, Black, Chocolate, Lavender, silver Pencilled, Silver Blue Pencilled, Blue Laced, Buff Laced, Gold Laced and Chocolate Partridge. Call Ducks, Dutch Bantams. Hatching Eggs

R C Follows
Tel. 01747 838035, Dorset.
All colours of Orpington in both Bantam and Large Fowl

Kiln Cottage Hens
Tel. 01594 835265, Forest of Dean.
Large Fowl: Welsh Black, Lavender Araucana, Light Sussex. Bantam: Silver Spangled Hamburgh, Pekin. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Langlea Poultry
Tel. 01823 662503, Somerset.
Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay. Large Fowl: Salmon Faverolles, French Copper Marans, Speckled Sussex, Light Sussex, Cream Legbars, Barnevelders. Wyandotte Bantams in Gold and Silver Laced

Littledean Poultry Green Ltd
Tel. 01594 824124, Gloucestershire.
Traditional pure breeds: Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Barred Plymouth Rock, Cuckoo Marans, Cream Legbar, White Leghorn. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Magg's Poultry
Tel. 01179 081892 / 07885 607689, Bristol.
Silkies: Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Gold, Partridge, Red, White. Khaki Campbell, Call, Cayuga and Appleyard Ducks. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Painted Poultry
Tel. 01278 661562, Bridgewater.
Orpinton Large Fowl: Black, Blue, Splash, Red, Cuckoo, Gold Laced, Partridge. Orpington Bantam: Black, Jubilee, Gold Laced, Lavender, Mottled, Blue Mottled. Cochins: Black, Mottled. Chicks, Growers, Point of Lay. Hatching Eggs

Pekinrus Poultry
Tel. 07706 798533, Dorset.
Variety of Large Fowl and Bantams. Ducks also available. Hatching Eggs

Premium Poultry
Tel. 07841 248759 / 07925 223575, Newent, Gloucestershire.
Buff and Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons, Lavender Araucana, Light and Speckled Sussex, Ixworth, Barred Rock, Poland, Friesian Fowl, Silver Spangled Appenzeller, Houdan, Silver Laced and Blue Laced Wyandottes, Marans, Pekins, Ducks and Guinea Fowl

Tatworth Primary's
Tel. 01460 221718, Somerset
Large Salmon Faverolles, Lavender and Partridge Pekins

West Dorset Poultry
Tel. 01308 422686, Bridport
Specialist breeds of Bantam Wyandottes; Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Blue Laced, Silver Pencilled, Gold Pencilled. Light Sussex Bantams

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Devon and Cornwall...

--- Back to the Land ---

We are a friendly family micro business Based in Torquay, Devon. All our birds are raised on grass and are vaccinated.  We can supply hatching eggs, chicks, pullets and point of lay hens, ducks, chicken sitting & Boarding services.
Typically we have 2 Cockerels from different breeders and hens from 3 other unrelated breeders.
Our Fertile Hatching eggs will be genetically diverse. We pack our fertile eggs using our unique Henhanced™ packaging system. Collection is welcome.
We have the following Pure/Rare breeds:-
Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Cuckoo & Copper  Blue/Black Marans, Welsummer, Cream Legbar, Indian Game, Lavender Peking Bantam, Golden Partridge Bantam. Khaki Campbell Duck.
We also supply Hybrids Such as Bluebelle, Gingernut Rangers, Etc.
We are the sole Suppliers of "Douse That Louse" the fastest natural way to get rid of chicken lice in only 20 Minuets.
For more info Contact Pete on 07726 513375

Higher Horsebrook Poultry

South Devon. Tel. 01364 73823


Light Sussex, Rhode Ilsand Red, black Australorp, copper black Marans, partridge wyndotte, barred wyndotte, speckled Sussex.


Rhode Island Reds (rose and single combs), Black Australorps, barred wyndotte, silver partridge Pekins, blue mottled Pekins, millifleur Pekins.


Exhibition Rouen, Cayuga, German Pekins, Saxony, solid chocolate Muscovy, chocolate magpie Muscovy, fawn and white indian runner, khaki indian runner, khaki call, Apricot Call, chocolate call, silver crested call.

Postage £5.00 for 6 first class.
All birds are of excellent standard, pictures available on request.

Email: tsoper2@icloud.com
Website: www.higherhorsebrookpoultry.co.uk

Halls Hatching Eggs
Camelford, Cornwall. Tel. 01840 269038
Black Australorp L/F (Breeding Programme being put into place with RIR Cockerel)
Diamond Jubilee Orpington Bantam - ready in Sept 2011
American Buckeye L/F - October will be laying under light
Buff Orpington L/F - 6 hatching eggs £8.50
Rhode Island Red L/F 6 x hatching eggs £6.50
Light Sussex L/F 6 x hatching eggs £5.50
Columbian Wyandotte L/F 6 x hatching eggs RARE £10.00
Gold Laced Orpington Bantam 6 x hatching eggs £12.00
Chocolate Bantam Orpington 6 x hatching eggs £12.00
French Black Copper Maran L/F 6 x hatching eggs £8.50

Postage and Packaging on all is £4.60 First Class - or £6.20 for Special Delivery (packaged in special polystyrene egg boxes)

Email: ruthchadwick@btinternet.com or brianandruthhall@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.hallshatchingeggs.co.uk

UK Guineafowl
Chulmleigh (Mid Devon) EX18 7SQ. Tel. 01837 83839 or 07870 113867
Guinea Fowl hatching Eggs:
Over 12 various colours
Pure Breed Large size Ducks:
Khaki Campbell, white Campbell, Pure breed White Indian Runner Ducks, Pure breed Fawn & White Indian Runner Ducks, Pure breed Black Indian Runner Ducks, Silver Appleyard, Cayuga, Saxony, Muscovy.
Pure Breed large size chicken hatching eggs:
Light Sussex, Dark Maran, Buff Orpington, Silver Lace Wyandotte, Spangled Hamburgh, White Crested Pollands, Sultans. These are PURE breds with correct standards and not look alike laying hybrids. Hatching eggs of the above chicken single or mixed as requested.
Pure Breed Bantam size chicken hatching eggs:
Pure Silver Sebrights
"We have been in this business for many years and remain trading due our good reputation and repeat orders we are not a fly by night one season outfit and will try and help you get the results you require. If there is something not shown on the list it is worth a call to us as we have many contacts and may be able to help."
"All egg deliveries are individually packed and we DO NOT use Poly box's as we feel that the box's hold the shell so tight that any shock is transmitted directly into the eggs causing damage and loss of fertility/hatching we have been sending eggs this way for many years and find that hatch rates are always very successful."
"You are welcome to collect your eggs."

Jean Avery-Wright
Tel. 01363 866677, Crediton, Devon.
Quality Calls, crested (very rare) Black East Indian and other waterfowl; Ne Ne goose and other waterfowl, Bearded cuckoo Silkies, Pekins in many colours.

Walkham Valley Poultry
Tel. 07969 603123, West Devon.
Large Fowl: Brahma, Barnevelder, Croad Langshan, Legbar, Dandewari, Redcaps, Dorking, Fayoumi, Friesian, Houdan, Indian Game, Ixworth, Leghorn, La Fleche, Light Sussex, Cuckoo Marans, Buff Orpingtons, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Buff Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Sumatra Game, Vorwerk, Welsummer, Yokohama. Bantam: Pekin, Barbu d'Uccle, Sablepoot, Buff Plymouth Rock.

Tel. 01837 83839 / 07870 113867, Devon.
Quality Ducks, Guinea Fowl and Hatching Eggs. Ducks: Khaki Campbell, White Campbell. Large Cayuga, Silver Appleyard, Saxony, Muscovy. Indian runners: White, Black, Fawn/White. Guinea Fowl 12 Colours. Large Fowl: Traditional Breeders Day Old to Point of Lay, Hatching Eggs. Buff Orpingtons, Silver Spangled Hamburgh, White Crested Poland, Sultan, Dark Marans, Light Sussex

Born Free Bantams
Tel. 01237 431589, Bideford.
Pekins: Lavender, Millefleur, Black Mottled Frizzle, Silver Partridge. Bantam: Silver Laced Wyandotte; Blue, Black Orpington. Hatching Eggs

Cornish Silkies
Tel. 07889 136739, Saltash, Cornwall.
Bearded Silkies all colours. Welsummers, Crested Cream Legbars. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Edgemoor Poultry
Tel. 01769 520244, North Devon.
Large Fowl: Yokohama; Red-Saddled and White. Malay, Slamon Faverolles, Scot Dumpy. Bantam: Cuckoo Faverolles, Jersey Giant, Blue Silkie, Pekin, Araucana, Frizzles. Hatching Eggs available

Garden Cottage Poultry
Tel. 07764 939299, Devon.
Large Fowl: Colombian Wyandotte, Speckled Sussex, Amrock, Red Orpington, Lemon Pyle Brahma, Buff Plymouth Rock. Bantam: Silver Laced, White, Lavender, Jubilee, Buff, Colombian Orpington. Chocolate, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Vorwerks. Ducks: Call, Runner, Cayuga. Geese: French Toulouse. Pheasants, Quail, Partridge. Hatching Eggs

Haven Pure Breed Poultry
Tel. 01840 230742, Bude.
Bantam: Blue, Gold, Buff and Silver Laced Wyandottes. Pekins: colombian, Lemon Cuckoo. Hatching Eggs

H and T Laarveld
Tel. 01837 83962, North Devon.
Breeder of exhibition quality. Large Fowl: Welsummers and Gold Pencilled Hamburghs. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Lisa's Poultry
Tel. 01363 772829 / 07704 879086, Crediton.
Orpington Bantams; 6 colours. Pekins: 4 colours; Silver Laced Wyandottes Bantams. Day Old, Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Mansion Waterfowl and Poultry
Tel. 01726 69129, Mid-Cornwall.
Free Range Ducks, Cayuga, Saxony, Apricot White Calls. Mandarin, Carolina, Whistlers and Widgeon. American Buff, Cereopsis Geese

North Farm Poultry
Tel. 01579 383212 / 01579 383774, Cornwall / Devon.
Large Fowl: Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, White Leghorn, Light Sussex, Copper Black Marans

Park Poultry
Tel. 01803 867991, Devon.
Large Fowl and Bantam Indian Game, Friesian Fowl, Barbu d'Uccle, Bantam Naked Necks, Pekins, Silkies

Rachael's Poultry
Tel. 01237 431751, Bideford.
Call Ducks 3 colours. Large Fowl: Rhode Island Red, Copper Black French Marans. Bantam: Pekins, Dutch, Silkie, Silver Pencilled Wyandottes, Lavender Guinea Fowl. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Mrs Jean Smith
Tel. 01392 860364, Upexe.
Call Ducks in White, Apricot, Chocolate, Black, Magpie, Pied, Apricot Silver. Pinioned

South Yeo Farm Rare Breeds
Tel. 01837 810274, Devon
Large Fowl: Legbar, Blue, Silver and Double Laced Barnevelder, La Fleche, Rhode Island Red, Light and Speckled Sussex, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Ixworth, Andalusian, Salmon Faverolles, Lakenvelder, Araucana, Vorwerk, Cuckoo Marans, Welsummer, Dorking. Bantams: Blue, Buff, Gold, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Hamburg, Sablepoot, Pekins, Chocolate Orpingtons, Red Jungle Fowl. Ducks: Cayuga

Sue's Poultry
Tel. 01822 833144, Tavistock.
Large Fowl: Silkie, Marans, Crested Cream Legbar. Bantam: Pekin, Sablepoot, Brahma, Belgian, Wyandotte.

Tuell Chickens
Tel. 01822 870295, Tavistock.
Bantam: Silver Dutch, Light Sussex, Pekin, Welsummer, Wyandotte; Silver Pencilled and Laced. Welsummer Large Fowl

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Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London...

Milo's Ark

Welsummers & La Bresse-Gauloise Noire (Black)

I am able to offer hatching eggs and a limited number of pullets and cockerels for sale to private buyers, seeking only the very best quality stock, resulting in the fantastic birds and eggs pictured on my website.

We have put great effort into selecting our stock so that our hens produce eggs with a very dark shell colour and lay a reasonable quantity per season. We now have two different bloodlines.

La Bresse Noire
This year we have a new breed of chicken to the UK, La Bresse Noire (Black).
We believe these are the only breeding group in the country.

You will need to book your requirements in advance, as there is usually a waiting list.
We can supply hatching eggs to schools, so long as a suitable living environment is in place for the chicks and also a future home for the young birds when the school has completed the hatching project.

Tel: 07811369322
Email: armstrong.design@mac.com Website: www.milosark.co.uk

Westfield Waterfowl
Tel. 07889 907847, Guildford, Surrey (Junction 10 off the M25).
Waterfowl: Indian Runners, Call Ducks, Black East Indian Mandarins, Carolinas, Ringed Teal, Fulvous Whistling, Red Crested Pochards.
Large Fowl: Cream Legbars, Cuckoo Marans, Rhode Island Reds, Light Sussex, Black Orpingtons, Guinea Fowl
Bantams: Lavender Pekins, Millefleur Pekins, Ancona Bantams

Byways Poultry
Tel. 01243 264796, Chichester, West Sussex
Pekin Bantams, various colours including: Millefleur and Light and Buff Sussex Bantams. Large Fowl Sussex and Marans. Hatching Eggs

Feathered Friends
Tel. 07848 452634, Canterbury, Kent.
Canterbury. LF: Cream crested Legbar, Welsummer. Orpingtons 5 colours. Bantam: silkie, Poland, light sussex & others. Ducks: Khaki Campbell, Aylesbury

Ambley Wood Livestock
Tel. 07848 454920, Kent.
Wide range of Bantams and Large Fowl. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Surbiton Poultry
Tel. 02083 350836 / 07802 827189, Surrey.
Light, Buff and Speckled Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Cuckoo Marans, Cream Legbars, Leghorns, Faverolles, Silver Grey Dorking and Hybrids

Mantel Farm

Battle. Tel. 01424 830357
Point of Lay hens and training Courses for Beginners.

All Polands
Tel. 01243 789275 / 07818 042697, West Sussex.
Pure Bred Polands in various colours. Frizzle and Smooth

Atlas Poultry
Tel. 01444 452520, Mid Sussex.
Pekins in a variety of colours. Sebrights

Beautiful Booted
Tel. 01622 814464 / 07901 601365, Maidstone, Kent.
Sabelpoots / Booted Bantams in many colours

Jane Boorman
Tel. 01233 713908, Faversham, Kent.
6 colours of Sussex, Silver Grey Dorkings. Pekins. Hatching Eggs

C & J Poultry
Tel. 01634 668347, Rochester, Kent.
Pure bred Silkies all colours, Bantams, Chickens, Japanese and Chinese Quail. Hatching Eggs

Charlotte's Chickens
Tel. 07747 166408, Staines, Middlesex.

Churchmans Farm
Tel. 01795 531124, Faversham, Kent.
Wide variety of Point of Lay Chickens and Ducks

Fairlee Farm Poultry
Tel. 01403 822229 / 07818 403567, West Sussex / Surrey border.
Large Fowl: Welsummer - Particularly Dark Egg Laying Strain. Bantams: Lavender Pekin, Partridge Pekin, White Silkie. Point of Lay and Hatching Eggs

Fannon Agricultural
Tel. 07784 749262 / 01622 844734.
Duck, Geese, Swans, Bantams, Large Fowl, Pheasant and Guinea Fowl

Christine Gillott
Tel. 01903 884562 / 07931 125854, Arundel, West Sussex.
Bantam Wyandottes: Barred, Silver Laced, Silver Pencilled, Buff, Gold Laced, Partridge. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Greenbank Poultry
Tel. 01634 379566, Rainham.
Cornish Black and Jubilee Indian Game

Fred Harris
Tel. 01233 740219, Challock, Kent.
Hatching Eggs from Light Sussex

Hen House Poultry
Tel. 01622 812564, Kent.
Huge range of Point of Lay hybrids all year round. Bantam Araucanas, Pekins

Julia Cross
Tel. 01273 416887, Sussex.
Bantam Lavender Pekin. Large Fowl: Orpington, Indian game, Cuckoo Marans.

Larkfield Poultry
Tel. 01252 733755, Surrey.
Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Light and Buff Sussex, Welsummer, White Crested Black Poland, Dark Cuckoo Marans. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Nick Louca
Tel. 01227 721451, Canterbury, Kent.
Sussex Bantam: Silver, Light, Red, Brown, White, Speckled, Buff and Coronation

Mel's Managerie
Tel. 07824 741109, Kent.
Large Fowl: Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Blue Laced Wyandottes; Barnevelders. Bantam: Silkies, Pekins. Ducks: Indian Runner. Guinea Fowl to order

Andrew and Lorna Mew
Tel. 01795 532848, Kent.
Black Rock Day Old to Point of Lay. Belgian and Dutch Bantams

Middle Farm
Tel. 07773 383618, Firle, Sussex.
Bantams: Ancona, Scots Grey, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Poland, Pekin. Large Fowl: Araucana, Welsummer, Light Sussex, Cream Legbar, Orpington. Hatching Eggs to Point of Lay

Priscilla Middleton
Tel. 01892 723115, Tonbridge, Kent.
Large Brahmas, Orpingtons all colours. Large Fowl: Sumatra, Marans, Welsummers, Barnevelders, Appenzellers. Bantam: Belgian, Sebright, Pekin and more

Mumbles Farm Poultry
Tel. 01732 356746 / 07899 840765 / 07912 097895, Borough Green, Keny.
Point of Lay Chickens. Marans, Orpingtons, Salmon Faverolles, Cream Legbars, Vorwerk, Pekins, Silkies. Ducks and Geese.

Marianne Oliver
Tel. 07754 797853, Ashford.
White Sussex Eggs in spring, Trios available in the autumn

Southeast Poultry
Tel. 07786 243717, Deal, Kent.
Quality Orpingtons, Sultans, Marans, Pekins, Brahmas.

Southmead Poultry
Tel. 01372 458320, Leatherhead, Surrey.
9 different breed of Point of Lay Chickens.

Warnham Silkies
Tel. 01403 263179.
Gold, Red and Partridge Silkies.

Antonia Wing
Tel. 02085 190220, East London.
Old English Game, Serama, Lots of different breeds available including Waterfowl.

Withy Cottage Garden Poultry
Tel. 01306 711061, Dorking.
Pure bred Poultry, Ducks and Bantams. Hatching Eggs

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